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Wife left me after anorexia and binge eating disorders


Sorry, this might ramble on and I’m new here so please bear with me. I'm from the UK, I’m having a very difficult time, as my wife, who has suffered with anorexia and Binge eating disorder over the last 20 months, has left me to return to Ireland and I’m at a loss to what to do.

Trying to cut this short, she is from Ireland, and we met 6 years ago almost. We got married 3 years go in April, and bought our first house 3 years ago end of September. In the Summer of 2015, she started showing signs of anorexia behaviour. Exercising too much, eating too little, and by October that year she had lost so much weight I was terrified. I told her I thought she may be anorexic, but she showed little reaction to my concern at the time. A few months prior, she had visited Ireland and come back to England saying she felt like England was her home now. This was due to her family questioning her weight loss, and obviously she didn’t like it, as anorexia patients don’t.

In April 2017 we went on holiday to Italy and it was the first time I lost my temper with her as she was still super light/thin and obviously on holiday the illness is most visible. I regret it to this day, but I had to do something to get her to listen to me as she still at that point, almost 7 months later since first showing signs, had done nothing about it and was still very thin. She eventually went to the doctors, and was diagnosed with anorexia in June last year. 12 months ago. From then, she was seeing a counsellor and a dietician to help her, but as she has recovered, she has ended up with Binge eating disorder.

We have had huge problems in our marriage because of it all. At times, I haven’t handled it well, and live with the guilt of not knowing what to do when she first was going through anorexia. But I WAS supportive, I had never commented on her weight before she developed it (I don’t care what she weighs, and never have, only that she’s healthy). We had a ‘normal’ marriage, only that she was from Ireland, and I was from England. I’d never been abusive, always encouraged and supported her, and always tried to show her how much I loved her, told her she was beautiful 100 times a day and that I loved her every day.

When she developed it, things got tough at times as she never opened up to me, and tried to deal with everything alone. She wouldn’t admit there was a problem, and she wouldn’t allow her family to get involved (mainly to ‘protect’ her Mum who was diagnosed with cancer about 2 years previous). She’s a very closed book anyway, but was even worse with anorexia. But I tried, in the face of her secret exercising sessions and her non eating. I did all I could, short of dragging her to the doctors, until that moment in Italy which she still holds against me for doing.

I had a hard time in my working life, being bullied, was off with stress twice, then 4 out of 6 people in my department quit the job with no jobs to go to, that shows how bad it was. So each of my work days were taken up by worry for my wife daily, plus all that going on. Stupidly, I never got help for any of it, and didn’t consult any therapists myself. It was stupid, lack of self care, and led to me being very depressed.

So as my wife recovered from anorexia, she obviously had to then see me going through a difficult time in the new year this year. My work life became worse and worse from January onwards. We had arguments about things, When she had recovered her weight, and was back to her healthy BMI, I took a photo of her and she said she looked ‘fat’ which led to an argument. Then things like she was very unthinking, and very unfeeling. She has been on sertraline which she has since come off of, and I know it affected her a lot.

So from January, we seemed to get worse. I cried a lot and one day said that I have to leave my job, but discussed it with her as I didn’t want to put pressure on her with the house and the mortgage, but she encouraged me to do it. So in March, I quit the job. But felt under a lot pf pressure, as I would have no work and no income. Then the week I quit, she suddenly told me that she didn’t like England, and wanted to move back to Ireland. It was the worst timing and led to a big row. Of all the weeks to do it, she picked that one.

I have said things to her I didn’t mean, and regret bitterly about not being able to cope with over 12 months of her having anorexia and being bullied in work, and that by refusing help she was ruining our lives etc (which kills me repeating, as it wasn’t true, I have since been diagnosed with depression too).

So we had huge difficulties, she said she was going for a job over there (no discussion with me, or planning it, or what I would do, what we would do about the house here etc), she just didn’t want to be here anymore. It was like I didn’t even come into the equation, but she didn’t want to split up. But had decided she was moving back no matter what I thought.

Anyway, since around mid June it all fell apart. She went over for an interview, and couldn’t understand why I was so upset. Said she was quitting her job, and did, and left two weeks ago to go back to Ireland, but hasn’t ended the marriage and says she just needs ‘space and time, and peace from all the arguments’.

And here is the other issue. I was looking for clothes in our wardrobe Saturday, and I found some journals from the start of January, given to her by the eating disorder clinic she was attending, in which she had to write down daily what she ate, where, time, and feelings. They were from 1 January to 28 April, and they show that from January she was suffering from Binge Eating Disorder. I never knew. I knew she was struggling with food, and we had spoke about it, and I was again very supportive, but again, she didn’t tell me half of what she was going through, and they may be the saddest things I’ve ever read.

From 7am every morning, to 11pm at night, she struggled. Every day. For four months. Off the back of 15 months being treated for and having anorexia, she was now binge eating. She struggled with exercise, compulsions to binge, to eat. Every time she went for even a small snack, she struggled with it. The journals are littered with ‘binged again :-( Why do I do this?’ and she was sneaking food and snacks in anytime she could. I would go out, and she would binge. I would go to bed before her, and she binged. 3am in the morning she would binge badly (she told me she was watching TV as she couldn’t sleep). When she started to eat, she would not stop and then hate herself for doing it. She says several times ‘seize chance to get food :-( ‘ or ‘I’m never going to get over this disorder, I hate myself for it’ etc. It’s so sad. I didn’t know all this, as she’s incredibly good as hiding it.

She writes a few times, she would be better off dead. Which destroyed me and I ended up crying for an hour. She feels useless, worthless, weak, independable. She always had terrible self esteem which I tried to build up always. But reading these was awful. I’m devastated and feel incredible guilt for not seeing it and not knowing it. I already harboured so much guilt around her anorexia, that I didn’t do enough, that I could have helped more, and now I found this out and it killed me.

There are multiple entries where she seems ok and happy, but then will write we had an argument and it starts again. But the arguments were always about her lack of communication. Example one day her dietician changed her food, but she didn’t tell me, so I came home and she was eating something she had never had before, and I immediately didn’t trust it. If she had said ‘the dietician has told me to eat (food)’ then the arguments or distrust wouldn’t have been there. She just had to be open with me, which I begged her to do, but she never was.

So the journals slowly show us unraveling from January to April. More arguing, her binging getting worse. But they also show signs of what was happening, i.e. there were days she was especially irritable, or if she went to bed before me, I could tell there was something wrong, which I now know was probably because she then couldn’t binge before she came upstairs (which was probably the night she got up to do it at 3am). :-(

There were entries in the journal that she feels like she’s ruined her life, would kill herself if it wasn’t for the effect it would have on her Mum, that she wishes she had never met me as she could just then move back to Ireland with no problems, but in the midst of it says she loves me. But that was 3 months ago. She was using medication at the time too. She would say that she can’t control her bingeing even in April, but now says she doesn’t have a problem (after 4 months of doing it?).

She wrote that she wanted to move back, and ‘should I leave him to move back?’ etc. It’s like in her desperation to escape where she was ill, I have been sacrificed and have become the focus point and the reminder of not her eating disorders, and all I ever did was try and help her, stay supportive (at times failing because of my own issues) and see her through it. I told her time and again to just involve me, and she didn’t. She still kept everything hidden and secret. It’s just so unfair. I love her so much, so dearly and married her for a reason, but she’s left me I believe because of these horrible disorders and what they have done to our marriage, not because of us, because before she was ill, we were fine, and ‘normal’. She also had no history of this, but I do know she has always had terrible self esteem issues which are worse if she feels she’s harming anyone else by her actions.

Since she left, she has emailed me, and been nice and polite but has refused to say she loves me. They are just standard ‘hi’ emails. She has given me no indication as to what is going to happen. She seems to hate me for being in the way of her life, but I’ve never given her reason to. Never stopped her doing anything she wanted to do, never held her back, always said I would move to Ireland with her even. But I don’t think the way she did it, which I think was her brain basically saying ‘ we need to go and NOW’ was at all right and it created huge difficulties.

It’s two years since she developed anorexia, recovered and then developed binge eating disorder, and she’s changed so much from who I married but can’t see it. She just says ‘people change’. I have blamed myself over and over, but I know I wasn’t an abusive, nasty, husband but a supportive one who did everything he could for her. I’m beyond depressed and down about her leaving, even though it’s not final and hopefully won’t be. Despite everything, I want her in my life. I know she’s ill, and I now she’s been through horrible times, and also had to see me very down and depressed too (which was my own fault as I didn’t self care), but I love her so much. So, so much. She’s my world, my everything, and I can’t get through to her how much these disorders are to blame for our situation, not us as a couple.

To this day she can’t say why she developed anorexia, although she feels it may have been when we bought the house in England as she always wanted to move back to Ireland. Then felt ‘trapped’. But again I never said I wouldn’t move over there, that ‘trapped’ feeling was all in HER head. She always had trouble communicating, so felt she couldn’t bring up the subject, even though again, I never gave her reason to be like that. I’d even discussed moving to Ireland with my parents over and over.

To go from anorexia which I knew about, to binge eating which I didn’t, it’s left us in ruins but with a tiny flicker of hope we can sort it all out, but I’ve no idea how when I am here and she’s in Ireland. I’ve told her I’d move, but she’s switched off. Her emails aren’t loving, but she said yesterday that she ‘just needs time and peace’ said she was ‘ecstatic’ that I was getting help (I’m now seeing a counsellor) but then will say something that makes me think she hates me for stopping her doing what she wants, which I never have.

It’s bewildering, confusing and baffling. And I can’t talk to her family, as A. They just don’t take it seriously (her Mum had had the sum total of about 10 minutes conversation with her about her anorexia) and B. They know nothing about her binge eating, suicidal comments or the way she has been since January this year.

It’s heartbreaking and I’m at a total loss as to what to do, where to turn and struggle to get out bed every day.


Hey Paul,

I work on another site for people who have EDs themselves, and I just wanted to send my sympathies for all the stuff you read in her journals. That very same stuff, it's all over that site : The self-hate, the beating themselves up over what they are doing to themselves and their loved ones, the feelings of shame and helplessness and confusion in the face of their unmanageable obsessions. It's SO BAD to hear perfectly good people going on like that, and to get a true idea of how they must be feeling. People have their ups and downs of course, but all that stuff you read - I can promise you that It's not just her; pretty much everyone in her situation finds themselves having those very same exact thoughts.

Heading off to somewhere else, as a means to look for a change. That's a really common idea too. Somehow if they could just leave their current location, or their current relationship, somehow that would bring about the changes that they currently can't seem to make now. That can make a difference when they are in legitimately toxic situations, but a lot of times things are objectively fine where they are right now. A caring partner, and otherwise good seeming life, and yet they still feel this urge to physically flee, as an aspect of their efforts to escape their ED issues.

Which often doesn't help things much at all. The detached e-mails you are getting from her, that may be a sign that she is discovering that things are still pretty much the same, as far as trying to get on top of her ED behaviors are concerned. She left you, she left many of her previous responsibilities…and yet things still aren't right. You've seen her journals, so you probably can imagine how she may be feeling.

As far as the sorts of mixed messages you may be getting from her, that's kind of the way it goes too. Getting away, that was supposed to help, but maybe it isn't. "Having other people care"…they would rather be left alone, but at the same time, what, our loved ones are not supposed to care about us ?? As you saw from the journals, after a while people really can begin to feel boxed in by all of this, and so it's reasonable to expect their messages to not be all that coherent or logical at times. And to expect there to be some irritability too.

There's no reason for us to feel and sort of comfort at any of this. When we are in the midst of it, it really can seem baffling and confusing, and if we'll allow ourselves to admit it, often frustrating as well. Even if one is able to reach a point where they have some level of perspective on things, we can still feel legitimately helpless. Because there really is a lot of it which we have no power over.

Still, I don't think it needs to mean that we are completely ineffective as players in all this. Granted, we'll never be able to wave the sorts of magic wands that we'd like to, but I do think we can take some steps. The fact that you are getting some counseling yourself is one of those steps. It's good for you of course, but if it helps you come to a place where you feel a little bit more like you have your feet on the ground, that's going to help you in your relationship with her as well. Not that it will turn you into some kind of counsellor yourself, but more the fact that the relationship really will benefit from having at least one member who can present a calm and secure face in the midst of all this. Even if that person has to fake it now and then.

Also, you are "modeling responsible behavior" by taking care of yourself, and daring to actually get some outside help. Which is something she'll need to do as well. So while it may seem kind of indirect, you are helping matters in that way too.

Otherwise…yes, a lot of it is out of our hands. Being able to live with that idea, without going to pieces ourselves is another part of our task.

In any case, just some thoughts. None of this ever solves itself overnight, so I do hope you'll keep writing.

Hi Bob.

Hi Bob.

Sorry for the late response, as you will probably know from my post, it's all been quite difficult lately. Well, to update. I told her I'd found the journals and she didn't react well. First she denied they were from recently (even though they are dated and talk of things that happened up to June / July) and then she denied things that she'd said in them. She was upset more than anything that I'd seen the journals, not the content. Accused me of snooping (I wasn't) and that I should focus on myself and not her. Then she sent me another message telling me, almost demanding that I do not tell anyone in Ireland, her family, as if I did, over there would be ruined for her too. Just to add, I told her that when I saw the journals I was devastated and heartbroken for her, that she couldn't tell me and involve me in her thinking and that I would do ANYTHING to help her.

I felt like she was just showing again, that she has gone there to escape her problems, and ours, and that she can hide from the disorders. Or do I think that she is trying her best to use this time to get over the disorders? The problem I have with that is that she isn't getting help over there. Her family don't take it seriously, she's asking me NOT to tell them (as in her words 'she doesn't want to be watched, scrutinised or monitored, although I didn't even do that when she was here) and she isn't seeing anyone for a problem she still had at the start of June.

She also suggested that at the moment, our relationship was a 'trigger', something which kills me to hear. Her disorders started at a time when we didn't even have relationship issues, and it feels like she's part blaming me even though I did everything I could to help her. When I told her I'd seen the journals, I said I'd done a lot of research, a lot of reading. Used a website in the UK called B-EAT, got advice, downloaded help leaflets, to try and understand her condition, but she simply said that trying to pretend I understand why she does what she does is 'demeaning and pointless'. It's heartbreaking. I asked her why is it demeaning? She said it's patronising. So again, I said I'm not trying to understand her thinking, but to educate myself on how the disorders make people feel, or why people do it, not pretending to know her thoughts, but I cannot get through to her. It's painful, and very stressful being on the end of it all.

So I left it at that, as further messaging was only making her worse. She was obviously upset I'd seen her private journals on binge eating etc. And that I now knew. And she was lashing out and attacking me again and it was so hard to take.

But then yesterday, I got a message from her completely 100% the opposite. She was friendly, nice, talked about her week, said she was happy that counselling and meds were working for me etc. But she still refuses to say if she's coming back to England, doesn't end any message with she loves me, and keeps deliberately holding back any affection or love. I asked her last week if she still loved me, was going to come home, and she said she was sorry but she couldn't answer me as her life was 'a mess'. But it still leaves me in total limbo, trying to get myself better with her holding back any love, affection, or what she is planning to do or if my marriage is over or if she's coming back or not. And if she is, when is she?

It's a horrible limbo, I don't know from one minute to the next what she is thinking. If she's getting any help over in Ireland she won't say, but as she was adamant NOT to tell her family, I don't believe she is. I think it's unfair that she told me not to involve them also as it would 'ruin' over there for her, when she's left me in this horrible limbo and ruined over here for me, of not knowing where to turn, whether my marriage is over or what time frame she wants if she is thinking of coming back. I'm finding it all very difficult.

I told her sister to keep an eye on her, but also warned her that she would be angry if she knows I told her. I think she said something to her, and that's what caused the 'don't tell my family anything' message. I'm wracked with not knowing whether or not to keep using the disorders as an excuse for some of her behaviour, or to say at some point 'I can't do this anymore' as it's been a good 6 months almost of this and nothing has changed in so far as I simply have no idea what she's going to do.

I've tried to reconcile in my head the way anorexia, binge eating and purging affects people's thinking to the way she used to be. The fact that anorexia left her body not working as it should, and her hormones affected. The fact that binge eating and anorexia is filled with shame and guilt, and how that has clearly affected her too. She's racked with it. But at the same time, she has done so many irrational, horrible things. So many thoughtless, nasty comments to me about me, our marriage (which I know are not true, and it's not just me being deluded or unable to see the problems). My counsellor asked me if there were any comments in the journals about how much she hated me, or disliked me, and there isn't one. Not one comment about her marriage, me. If anything she used them to say I was supportive a few times, but only ever said in them 'flare up with husband' when we had an argument over her unusual behaviour. So I know, and I know it in my heart anyway, that her struggle has been with herself for so long now. She has unusually low self esteem, hates herself even more now too although she was always like that before she had eating disorders. She told me a few times she had been 'an accident' (i.e. her parents weren't expecting to have her). She denied she was ever suicidal after me telling her about the journals, even though she wrote of it 3 times.

I sometimes wonder Bob if something has happened in her past? Her brother has always teased her about being 'fat' (even though she wasn't). Her parents don't get on. She was very 'catholic' when we first got together (although that eased too). i.e. very traditional, morals and virtues. But I also wonder if something has happened, bullying, abuse, in her past to make her hate herself as much as she does? Does that also show up in eating disorders? The self esteem? Childhood upbringing? I have done nothing but tell her how beautiful she was since the moment we met. Have done anything and everything to build up her self esteem.

She also has a lot of issues with criticism. She hates even the slightest criticism, and has always been like that. She immediately goes on the defensive if anyone tells her she's done something wrong, or not even wrong, but an innocent 'why did you do that?' was always met with an over defensive attitude. And the smallest incident would provoke the largest response. Such as a broken plate would be the end of the world to her when to anyone else, it's just a plate! So may times I've been made to feel like a monster, an overly critical nightmare when in actual fact, her reaction to anything was the problem. She hid the fact she had broken a garden chair, because she was terrified of what I'd say! Even though I've never given her cause to be that way, and never gotten angry at her about anything at all like that!

She has also always had terrible problems with decisions. Again, she told me one day she was scared to make a decision as she was always concerned it would be the wrong one. Again, I had never given her cause to feel that way. For example, we would be going out and have two choices of where to go. She would always ALWAYS leave the choice to me. So if we went to a restaurant, and it was awful, she could then not have the burden of being the person who chose it. I've read that comes up a lot in eating disorders too?

At the moment, I feel lost. I've tried everything I can, and more. I'd even say that if she didn't have the disorders, the way she's treated me, acted and behaved, I wouldn't be writing this now. I just don't know how much longer I can try, or even eventually if I want to, as it's causing me a lot of pain and depression. How long can you have accusations, things that aren't true, withholding of affection and your wife living in another country, unwilling to get help and unwilling to have anyone know about it, and keep going and trying before you give up? I find myself thinking I'm selfish for thinking this way, but I know I'm not. She doesn't even acknowledge the fact that I'm the only person who's had to live with her through her illnesses, as she won't involve her family, but I'm also the only person who has had to face her behaviours because of it but STILL get no, and I don't want to use the word credit, but no appreciation of that fact. I just get the rough end of her treatment while her family are blissfully unaware of how bad she's been and I don't believe it's fair to me.

Even after all this, I love her. Again, I probably wouldn't if I hadn't been on here or the various other websites to research and read about them and the affect they have. I want everything to be the way it was before she developed anorexia. I'd give anything for it to be so. It would kill me know my future won't involve her. But at the same time, how long do you go on with no answers from her (all I get back to anything is 'I don't know').

Any thoughts you may have would help a lot.

As you say, it's the helplessness and the no power over anything that is confusing not only because of the fact she is now at her parents in another country, but because of the disorders and her hiding from them and inability to confront them.


ED Thinking


Yes, it sounds like she is still on a roll with her ED. It was good that she got treatment, but as you have seen, often it doesn't "take" in the permanent sort of way that a person might hope. To be honest, I suspect she feels the same way, as many people find themselves feeling discouraged and unsettled when the do treatment, and then when they are done, the old urges and behaviors just come back again.

And those journals : I can pretty much guess what they must have said. It's upsetting to see just how poorly they can feel about themselves. Hopefully that gave you some insight into how she's really feeling, and that you can use that knowledge to set aside some of the sorts of blame and defensiveness and criticism that she directed at you. People with EDs can be edgy and irritable, that's for sure, and they can end up projecting a lot of that anger and frustration onto others in their lives. We can understand that on a logical level, but as I'm sure you've seen, the words they find themselves saying still hurt.

Interesting as well that even in the face of all the upsetting "flare ups" the two of you had, there weren't a lot of bad words about you in the journals. That's probably telling too, I think.

It's hard to know what to do in this situation, with her so far away. It would be great if there was something a person could do, but it may be best to back off for a while, and let her be the one to contact you. After all, you guys are still married, so it's not like she can ignore you completely.

And as you've implied, without you around to blame, it's possible that she will begin to gain a clearer vision of her situation and where the real problems lie.

Bob J.


Hi Bob

I think it's the irrational and contradictory statements from her I am finding hardest to deal with. I have some good days and some bad, mostly bad, trying to deal with it at the moment. While I want her to be better and feel so awful and sad over what she has gone through in private and secret, I also have to look after my own mental health too.

I think from her reaction to the eating disorder journals being found, the first denial, then the suggestion I could 'laugh' now at her (which was painful to hear as I've never, and friends and family, taken it any less than extremely seriously) shows how her mind was working with the shame and guilt. And I suppose as you suggest it's the self loathing and the self hate that is causing her to then project that onto me. I feel like as I'm the person who knows, as I'm the person who has been through it with her (and my own issues and problems to deal with) that she projects the frustration, the sadness and the guilt onto me. I understand it, but I also find it incredibly unfair and self centred of her, which again comes down to the mindset of the binge eating and anorexia.

The journals contained a lot of quite serious things about her mental state, as well as the self hate ('disgusting, worthless, lazy, wish I was anorexic still' etc), to the point of writing about doing some horrible things to herself. It was incredibly sad. Especially as she had stated to me, and also my parents, that I had been incredibly supportive and helped her through her anorexia period and yet she still had huge daily struggles which she hid and is now hiding from her family.

I've ruminated over and over as to whether to tell her parents about the journals, but as stated above, they are quite a closed off family and I would find it hard to A. get through to them the seriousness of it all and B. her reaction would probably be horrendous as she's trying to hide all this from them as I type. It's a horrible situation to be in.

I have thought over and over too whether to just cut and run. Not because she's got the disorders, but because of her treatment of me and the horrible limbo I find myself in. I feel like I've done so much to help, research, encourage, support, and it's got nowhere and at the end of it all, she left to go to Ireland. I've racked my brain to think of what else I can do to get through to her, but just cannot think of a single thing I could do more other than now leave her to it. But that kills me, the no contact, as do I leave her to it and she decides after time she no longer wants to be with me? Or is she 'recovering' during the period of no contact?

I would love to go back to before she developed anorexia, and see the person who for 4 years was not this person consumed by her disorders. Both in spirit and mentally. And at the same time, I want to help, its my nature. I STILL, after everything that has happened and probably against better judgement, want to help her, get her through it, and live with it every day because I can't get any answers from her as to what she is doing and it's been 6 weeks now.

Paul, What next ?


Yeah, everything you've mentioned is pretty much how it can go with people who have EDs. The contrary statements you mention - I really do believe that comes from the ambivalence and frustration they find themselves feeling. You would like ( and deserve) some solid and steady statements from her, but she doesn't feel solid or steady about anything at all. So she'll be angry and accusing at some times, and appreciative of your support at others. If you think we are frustrated, I can assure you that they are too.

And you probably know from your own experience how it feels when people try and pin us down about really important things, which for the life of us we've unable to figure out for ourselves. Things which logically we should be able to figure out, but somehow we just can't. We can start lashing out at people when they seem to be pressuring us about such matters, even if that pressure is mostly imagined. Or worse yet, when feels all too much like a version of the pressure or criticism that we are already putting on ourselves.

So yes, what to do.

To me, it sounds like you have pretty much done all you can be expected to do It may seem like she's blowing off your expressions or care, but I can pretty much assure you that she's heard everything that you've said in that regard. You often hear people with EDs talk about how bad they feel when they are treating their partners so poorly, so I'm willing to bet that a part of her doesn't feel very good about that, even when she continues to do it.

( And yes, I think things would just get worse if you let her parents know about what's in the journals. As you said, it's possible that they would give them no credit, or be able to relate on an effective emotional level to any of it, even if they did know what was in there Best to let them try and figure out what the situation is on their own I would say. And really, when you think about it, they are the ones who should probably be contacting you. )

I know it's hard, but if it were me, I'd do my best to continue on with your life, and see if you can wait this out for a while longer. Remember that old saying : There's only 50% of any relationship that we can ever hope to be in control of, but we need to be doing 100% with our half. From here, it sounds like you are doing 100% with your half, so you're kind of stuck with hoping that she's working on her half too. And that if she isn't , she knows full well that she'll need to.

Which, to be honest, I'll bet that she does.

Bob J.