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Warning Signs & Symptoms

Eating disorders, such as bulimia, binge eating disorder, and anorexia, are serious illnesses that involve extreme emotions, attitudes, and behaviors surrounding food, exercise, and body image. Though not diagnostic, this video outlines the basic warning signs and symptoms and will give you an idea of what to look out for.

Eating Disorders Screening Tool

Eating disorders often hide in plain sight, so whether you have serious concerns or just an inkling about yourself or a loved one, take the screening. Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental disorder but recovery is absolutely possible and early intervention greatly improves the chances of success. It’s no exaggeration when we say three minutes can save a life.

How to Help a Loved One

Loved ones play an important role in eating disorders recovery, and navigating the process can sometimes be a challenge. But you are not alone and NEDA has a multitude of resources tailored to the unique needs of those in support roles. This video contains easy tips on how help a loved one who is struggling with an eating disorder.

Latest Blog Posts

Learning to Live Well with Depression and Eating Disorders
By Karen Lynn Cassiday, PhD, ACT

The relationship between eating disorders and depression is a complex problem to understand, treat, and research. The parable of the three blind men who encounter an elephant illustrates the problem faced by patients and their providers. It is easy to misperceive that the elephant is only a long hose (trunk), a rope (tail), or the side of a building (body), depending upon which part of the elephant you encounter. People with eating disorders force us to face our collective confusion about the nature of treatment and intervention.  

5 'Star Wars' Quotes to Inspire Recovery
By Grace Bradley, Communications Intern

Star Wars, one of the most epic stories of all time, debuted 40 years ago today. A classic example of the hero’s journey, Star Wars has become a staple in our cinematic culture, but the lessons have always gone beyond the screen. Even if you have never seen the film, everyone knows about “the Force” and “the dark side.” Most of us have had to find the Force within us to fight off our own version of the dark side. For some, eating disorders are the dark side.

What I Learned When I Took a Year Off From Exercise
By Brianna Kwasnik

It was a hot May afternoon in Florida when my mom told me I was no longer allowed to exercise until I reached a healthy weight. She had already asked that I not post pictures of myself on Facebook, for fear that future employers might see what I was going through. I was stressed out, depressed, and losing weight fast.

My mom had another word for it.


Using Dance to Raise Awareness About Mental Illness
By Noor Aldayeh

It seems as though I’ve been dancing almost as long as I could talk. I can still remember the days of pink tutus and ribbon-tied tap shoes. The unmistakable smell of hairspray on show days, and the adrenaline rush that a successful performance always resulted in.

Never did I think, however, that one day dance could be just as much a part of my voice as my vocal chords. Nor did I imagine that dance would become one of the ways I could share my experience about having an eating disorder with hundreds, even thousands of people.