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Uncontrollable Desire to eat

I am a binge eater. Binging isn't an officially classified eating disorder but it has certainly officially controlled my life. I don't know how to end this viscous cycle of wanting tons of food, eating tons of food, then feeling horribly guilty and emotionally/physically wrecked. Binge eating is something that I am 100% tired of living with.
I've read countless articles, books, ect., yet I still cant end this terrible habit and mental madness.

Does anyone else suffer from this? Can someone sympathize with me? Any tips, tricks, stories, advice, or commets? I'm just looking for support and comfort at this point. Joined this site for the sole purpose of beginning this discussion that I'm sure has been begun so many times before.
Thanks so much,

You're taking the right steps!

Hi Rachel,

I'm so glad you started up this discussion! I know that so many people can relate to you and it's very brave of you to open up with your struggle with binge eating!

It's really encouraging to hear that you have read many articles and books in order to help you deal with fighting binge eating. Information is power and you are taking the right steps. However, overcoming something as powerful as an ED does require professional help. Speaking with friends/family is a good first step, or finding a therapist or psychologist in your area can help you get your feelings out into the open and lift a weight off your shoulders. Even a first appointment with your family doctor or primary care physician is a good step. The NEDA Helpline (1-800-931-2237, M-R 9-9, F 9-5) is another great place to start where you can talk, confidentially, to someone who can relate to you and also help steer you in the right direction.

Also as just a note, Binge Eating Disorder (BED) was recently classified as its own diagnostic category in the DSM-V, so it is officially recognized as an eating disorder now... however, remember that it DOES NOT define YOU. It doesn't matter if it's published in a book or not - what matters is that you acknowledge this cycle of eating that is taking a huge toll on your life and that you are ready to make a change! This just underscores how important it is to seek outside, professional help.

Here are some other articles that may help you in the meantime:
Binge eating disorder:
Stories of hope:

You are not alone. You deserve help for effective recovery - not just tips and tricks - and happiness back in your life!
Hope this helps,


I'm struggling with the same thing and don't know how to tell anyone due to embarrassment I'm sick of hating myself all of the time but I don't know how to stop


Hi Laurbeaum!! Thanks for your post! I hope you are feeling ok today!

I completely know how you feel about the embarrassment. Have you ever been able to talk to a therapist or a supportive friend about this? It feels SO much better when we don't feel alone with everything. Also, I know how much it feels like the shame is inside of you, but have you been able to change perspective on this? We would never want this shame, would we? It belongs to the eating disorder and him alone! I am so sorry that you feel some hatred, but maybe we can use that to fight the eating disorder? You are worthy and deserving of a life filled with happiness!

I hope this helps! Is there anything else I can support you with?


I just joined this group because of this problem. I have recently been taking steps to fix the problem that have helped me limit my binge eating, but I am still struggling with it. If you are like me you are trying to learn what feeling satiated and satisfied feels like as well as what normal healthy portions are. What has helped me is a lot of planning and measuring. I got on my fitness pal which allows you to track calories and nutrition. I plug in meals before the day has started to make sure that I have a plan I can stick to and I know how much I can eat if my day doesn't go according to plan. knowing exactly what I need to eat and what nutrition my meals are providing me with has started to really help me. I find that when I put in my meals before I eat I am motivated to maintain a healthy food intake without eating too much or too little. I know how hard it is too go through the ups and downs and feel so negative about yourself after a binge, so I hope this helps

recovery from Eating Disorder while being in Africa

I am from Burkina Faso ( in West Africa). Since several years I am suffering from both bulimia and anoxeria. Right now I am fighting against myself to be fine but it is not easy; I am always thinging about eating (everytime, every minute..). Here in Burkina there is no organization to help people like me mainly because eating disorder is not something known in this poor country. Also, I am a little uncommunicative, afraid that people is going to laugh at me. So I was woderring if you would give some advices to get out this feeling that is destroying me...
P.S: English is not my official language so sorry for the mistakes. Thank you.


Hi formothersandmathers!!! Wow!! This is awesome that you were able to find these forums! Thank you so much for trustung us and sharing your pain. I know the feelings you are describing and the shame that is associated with it. But there is hope!!!!! Have you read NEDA's pages on recovery? There are also personal stories called Stories of Hope you can read:

Also, NEDA has a support tool called NEDA Navigators that can be a more personalized support for you!

I know the shame you feel, but remember we do not have to keep these feelings! We never asked for the eating disorder and we all deserve to live free from it! I am here to help!

I know you said that English is not your firt language, but that's ok! Thanks for still using it, you have much better english than you believe!! Just out of curiosity, do you speak Spanish? I am fluent in it, so that might help! I hope you are doing well!

Recovery From Eating Disorder While Being In Africa

Dear Formotherandmathers,

Eating disorders (ED) create a sense of isolation. However, you must feel even more isolated since it sounds like your country is not as familiar with ED's. Do you have a general doctor that you see when you are not feeling well? Is it possible you could talk with him/her about what you are struggling with? Please do not be afraid anyone will laugh at you. Those that truly want to help others, will be operating from a place of love and support!. You've taken a very important first step by reaching out for help through this NEDA forum. You should be VERY proud of how brave you are by seeking the help YOU deserve! You will find tremendous support and help through this site.

I would encourage you to read these links below to help you in your recovery.

Here are some other articles that may help you in the meantime:
Binge eating disorder:
Stories of hope:

Just know that it's the eating disorder that's bombarding you with constant thoughts of eating. I battled with anorexia years ago, and still remember the challenges and how mentally and physically exhausting it is. You deserve a ED-free life and you can do this. You're not alone. We're here for you.

Please let us know how you're doing and if you need further help.

Legacy of Love

Recovery From Eating Disorder While Being In Africa

Hello Legacy of Love

Thank you for answering. I have been consulted by a psychologist by you know here in Burkina, ED is not one of their speciality so he just gave me depression pills, nothing else. I take it for one month but as soon as I stop it was worst.
I should come in New York around October for two months. Do you think I could come to NEDA and see a therapist or a nutrition or a support group ( I don't really know who I should see, I just need someone to help me go over all that)?

Dear Michael26

Sorry I didn't see your post yesterday so I just answered to Legacy of Love. No I don't speak Spanish either, my first language is French. Thank you for the links I am on my way to consult them. As I was saying to Legacy of Love yesterday, I will be in New York around October for two or three months. Do you think I could get a king of no-expensive treatment via NEDA?
Thanks for all May God bless you.

Uncontrollable desire to eat

Dear Rachel
I hope you feel much better now. I know what you are talking about. I know how hard it is to say "no" to this voice in your head; this voice that wants you to eat every kind of food you see or just every food you may thing about, even when you are not hungry! I know I know.. Every time every moment your only preoccupation is food. Once you fill your stomach you feel so bad, so guilty, you feel like to whole world is on your shoulders. You don't have a social life because you are waiting to be someone more beautiful before really starting to live. But let me tell you or remember you that as long as you will think that way, you may stay in this vicious circle. It is time to take a decision! Fortunatly in the USA there are several associations to help you fighting against ED. Don't miss this chance, you have to stop being what you should not be and start having a normal life. I am African and I am suffering from ED since 3 years. It is so hard to live with a disease that people around you do not consider like a disease. I didn't know who to talk with to till I find this forum. But you, you have the chance to find people ready to help you, please get this opportunity. Ask for a nutritionist and a psychologist to help you. And above all don't forget you are not alone..
Take care Rachel

Recovery From Eating Disorder While Being in Africa

Hello Formothersandmathers!

That's GREAT that you'll be in New York for a few 2-3 months. I believe going to the NEDA headquarters is a great starting point while you're in New York. After I just read your post, I decided to contact the NEDA helpline (because I don't know if you have access to making international calls to NY - to the NEDA Helpline #1.800.931.2237. They recommended that you visit their Manhattan office, as they offer a free support group there. Also, I'm going to e-mail a NEDA representative to see if she has any recommendations on resources that might be available to you while you're in New York.

I will keep you posted! I'm excited for you that you are taking positive steps towards an ED-free life. You deserve it...and you can do this. We're all here for you and will be cheering you on!

Healing Hugs!
Legacy of Love

Recovery From Eating Disorder While Being in Africa

Thank so much for caring about me!
Yeah I can make international calls to NY but as my English is not good enough, I am afraid either not to be understood or not to understand what I will be said; that is why I dont call.
Ok as soon as I am in NY I will asked to visit the NEDA Manhattan office.
Once again thanks for all! I am so touched that someone in the other side of the world cares about me.
God bless you

Wanting to Eat All the Time

I have OSFED, or Atypical Anorexia. I meet all the criteria for Anorexia, besides weight loss. I try to restrict my calories but I have the urge to eat all day and all night. Normally, I give in and eat. I don't binge, but I feel like I do. I would say that I eat about average, or less. I want to eat at any time of the day, whether I have just eaten, even if I'm not actually hungry, or whatever the reason. I hate this feeling and it makes me feel so ashamed of myself. I don't understand why I feel this way. I just want to know why, and I want to know how to fix it.


Hi. I am sorry you are struggling like you are. One thing I want to comment on. You say you restrict, and don't eat enough, and that you want to eat all the time but that you are not necessarily hungry. I am not a professional, but I just want to say that you may not THINK you are hungry, but your body IS hungry and is trying to tell you by having you think of food in hopes that you will eat. And eat enough on a regular basis so that your body stops craving food as it is. Our bodies are so much smarter than we are and they know what it needs. I would try to listen to the cues your body is giving you. Are you in therapy or seeing a dietician? This would really help you figure out why you are using eating disorder behaviors is usually always a reason one develops maladaptive behaviors, be they alcohol, drugs, spending, food, lack of food. It is important to try to deal with these things while working on stopping the behaviors that are harmful. Again, I am sorry you are struggling and am glad you posted. Keep posting and let us know how you are doing.


Binge eating

Hello, all. I'm new to this site. I signed up for Noom after Christmas because I really went off the rails during the holidays. Noom asks a lot of questions about triggers and why I want to eat better. It really boils down to binging and "closet eating" (which is an actual symptom of binge eating). Noom referred me to this site. I haven't sought counseling for this as I didn't realize it was an actual disorder. For those of you who have gotten counseling, is it worth it? Are you able to recover? I'm not bulimic but only because it's so difficult for me to throw up. So many times I wish I could! I'm very interested to hear in others' experiences.

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