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Periods - What BMI?

At what BMI should I expect my periods to come back? I have only ever had 2 periods in my entire life and that was 4 or 5 years ago. I have talked to my dietician and therapist about it. Looking at my growth charts from before I got sick - is that any indication for when my periods will return?

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Aprilpearl, your post has been edited to remove any mention of numbers regarding BMI. These numbers may be triggering to other forum members. Please review the Community Guidelines before continuing to post: Thanks for helping keep the NEDA forums a safe place.


Hi, sorry I didn’t mean to break the rules by mentioning the BMI at which my therapist and dietician said most people’s periods return at, especially as it is a healthy one.


Aprilpearl, sorry if that sounded harsh! We just wanted to make sure that numbers are not mentioned in the future. Welcome to the forums and we hope you continue to post :)


Hello and welcome to the forum. I am not a professional but from what I know, everybody's body is different, and therefore I do not know if there is a time table to say when your periods will return. Have you been too see your gynecologist? That might be a thing to think about. They may take some blood tests to see your hormone levels and such.

I am glad you posted and hope to see more of you. Congratulations on reaching a place in your recovery. We here on the forum understand each other since we all are dealing with similar issues. I am sorry your cycle hasn't returned. I do hope you seek medical help to answer your questions. I wish you a nice day and hope to see you again on the forum. And about the moderators, they are just making sure this is a safe place, most all of us have been moderated including myself so don't worry about that. Take care and have a nice day.


Hi there, thank you for your

Hi there, thank you for your reply. Yes, I have been to see a gyno. I had a pelvic ultrasound and the full range of blood tests. Everything looks fine, apparently. I think my LH and FSH were quite low though. I am still a bit underweight (but gaining) and they said that if I get up to a healthy weight for me I should get my period. Problem is, I don’t know what that weight is for me.

its different for everyone's

its different for everyone's body and some people even at low BMI's don't lose their period at all its really different for everybody so its hard for any of us to say or even treatment professionals. i would still see a gyno they might have more information and it could be your body none of us can really answer when you will get it back and i don't really think it even neccesarily depend on BMI even at healthier BMI"s mine has been all over the place everyone is different.

Thanks hermione. I have been

Thanks hermione. I have been to a gyno who did a pelvic scan and blood tests. She said she thinks that if I get up to a healthy weight for me then my perods will start. The trouble is, she was quite vague about what that weight may be.

I'm sorry you're confused and

I'm sorry you're confused and frustrated by the answers you're getting from doctors. It could be that they are still trying to figure out a healthy weight for you. Every body unique and changes over time, not just related to ED. The growth chart doesn't always help with establishing a healthy weight now. It also takes the body a while to heal during ED recovery. Try to be patient and give yourself time. I know it's hard, but know you are amazing and so strong for how far you've come. You'll get there. The doctors are there to help you. Trust the process.
Stay strong, you can do this.

Thank you Jules. I guess

Thank you Jules. I guess everyone must feel this way, but I am petrified that because I got my ED when my periods were not even fully established, and because I stayed sick until adulthood, that I may have somehow prevented my reproductive system from developing properly. I worry that I am infertile. The thought of never having children makes me very sad.