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New Job and Counting Work Hrs Per Week instead of Calories is helping me

So I am really down about the fact that my weight is Currently UP. My friggen period is now 2 weeks late too.

Anyhow, I suppose now I am sublimating, as I find my self trying to plan my work week and month ahead of time and focusing on my work schedule instead of the # of Calories consumed in a day.

I am fantasizing over what type of new car I would like to even save up for. I am not sure. Perhaps a used one at Hertz will do?

I am thinking Japanese, or VW type, or BMW, who really knows?????

So, dear God please help me to feel more energetic so that I am able to take on longer scheduled jobs at my new job. I am currently working up to 3 hrs per day, and up to 3 times in my 1st week, and now must work out my own hours to work until summertime.....

In the summer I am hoping to be able to work up to 8 hr days and up to 40 or 50 hrs per week. I must pray more for God to provide me with energy and clearness of mind and the ability to overcome this anxiety especially social anxiety and my agoraphobia too.

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Oh, I'm sorry you live with

Oh, I'm sorry you live with the problem of agoraphobia. I believe that any mental disorder can be defeated or weakened. In childhood, we felt phobias not as acutely as now cause parents were our protection from the dangers of the outside world. But now, we cannot hide from society all the time. I recently quit my job at the pharmaceutical company I had worked for the past few years because the job was only damaging my mental health. Later I learned how Getting a Phlebotomy Job Without Experience. I always thought that only a person with medical education could become a phlebotomist, but this is not true.