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I don't want to eat anymore

It seems like when I eat it brings nothing but bad things, so I should stop. That I should just stop trying and give in. I feel EXTREMELY sad, ugly hideous and unimportant. I feel worthless and useless. It seems like everyone else is thin and pretty but me. It seems like everyone else is thin without worrying or trying. It seems like everyone else is thin and beautiful; and then there's me. I'm not going to apologize for how I feel right now.
All I want to do is cry and disappear. I can't seem to be able to shake this feeling.

You don't have to apologize for how you feel

Everyone has days like that every so often. I'm so sorry you feel like that right now. You're not hideous. You're not ugly. You're not unimportant. You are BEAUTIFUL. You are STUNNING. You are VALUABLE. You are LOVABLE. hugs

I wanted to recover

I just dont feel hungry anymore. I used to not eat on purpose now when i tried to recover and be healthy im not even trying to avoid food but i just dont want it. I eat because i know i have to. Food doesnt have any taste anymore its just something that i must consume to make myself believe that im getting better.
Everything its just such a mess i dont even know what to do with myself anymore

I know how you feel, also sorry if this is long

I am a middle school student and I honestly know how you feel, I feel like I am bigger then the other kids and I want to just stop eating because I believe it would make me beautiful< some days I honestly want to eat but most days I don't want to but I fail to not eat... also just a suggestion to make life easier, try to surround yourself with friends that 1. make you feel better, 2. try to help you climb higher/get closer to your goals, also look at who you are friends with, trust me on this one, you will want friends that will not make you feel bad or pull you down.
-A middle school kid that cares about everyone and wants to help you

Know that you don't have to

Know that you don't have to be punished for anything! You may be using food as a punishment for thinking your unworthy, but it's just not true! You deserve food just as much as anybody else, no matter your size. You deserve food as much as you deserve air to breathe. Treat your body with kindness, and it will treat you with kindness as well. I really hope things get better!


I know its hard, I understand that. But nothing gets better when you starve. You think it does but it DOES NOT! Your brain just gets sicker and sicker and you can't think clearly anymore. You body is like a car, it breaks down without fuel. Please fuel yourself. You deserve to live, to love, to laugh. Sending love and support.



Hi! We wanted to make sure that resource information was posted on this thread since concerning feelings of worthlessness were mentioned. Please reach out if you need support, and take care of yourself. 


Thank you

I appreciate it.

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