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gf lost sex drive

i dont know if anyone actually checks these forums

y gf has had disordered eating since before we met and it got out of control about a year go

it was hell, and scary

she's been "better" for quite some time now, and seems to be getting better and better all the time tho she still hasn't gained much

her doctor said even 4 pounds would help

she has not regained her period

she went from having a high sex drive to none

are either ever going to come back? I am committed to her for life

it is devastating for me to have no sexual relationship with her

been together 4 years now

gf lost sex drive

Dear Anonanon,

I'm not a medical professional, and can't give expert advice. However, I battled an eating disorder (ED) many years ago. Recovery is a process and comes with successes and setbacks. I remember when I was struggling with my ED and had little to no energy. I imagine that's what you girlfriend is dealling with as well, because her body is not receiving enough nutrients to allow her to live a loving relationship with herself, that she so deserves.

I applaud you for loving her enough to reach out through this forum to find some support and guidance.!

I would recommend you contact the NEDA Helpline to address your question regarding intimate relations. #1.800.931.2237. They're available Mon. - Thurs. 9am-9pm/Fri. 9am-5pm/EST. That sounds like it's just a symptom of the bigger issue. I'm confident once she gets help from a therapist that is specifically trained in eating disorders, the rest will fall into place. The focus is obviously on helping your girlfriend get the professional help she greatly needs and claim a life that's free of an ED. She will continue to need your patient and loving support.

Please let us know how we can further help you in your efforts to support your girlfriend through her recovery.

Healing hugs,
Legacy of Love

thank you i hope that's the

thank you i hope that's the case

she had been to her doctor and said she would go see the doctor again if things didnt get better

she is eating a lot now

i still wish she would get help

scared it will be a cycle

i hope things get better now shes eating so much more

she seems well in all ways except no period and no sex drive

still skinny tho she says shes gained

thank you

Stay strong

Hi anonanon,

I'm glad to hear that your girlfriend has been seeing her doctor and is open to continuing these appointments. It's clear that you care about her very much and are supporting her to the best of her ability - that is inspiring! It can be scary and difficult when loved ones are struggling with something as complicated and powerful as an ED, but your constant support - even if things seem to be progressing very slowly - is incredibly important for her recovery. Keeping communication open and encouraging her, as you have been, will also be important as her journey to recovery continues. Recovery often comes with ups and downs, but with determination and support, it IS possible!

Stay strong and all the best,