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I’m new to this

Well I had never gotten help in any way shape or form. I have just been alone recovering then go right back to square one over and over again. My family would just yell and lecture which made it worse. Then I would see what I had done to myself and remove all mirrors and force myself back to healthy. After a year or so I put the mirrors back to prove I did it and Bam right back to restricting eating. My partner is finally my rock and yet again I am skipping but this time I am gonna beat it with the mirrors up and for good. I for the first time have real support and I came here for the first time to hopefully be a support to those here and we beat this for good together

You sound really positive!

Yes, you sound really positive and motivated, and that is really inspiring.
I am so glad that you have more support now.

Here to listen if you need an ear.