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Enjoying holiday celebrations

I'm really nervous about all the upcoming holiday events that are so food centered. It's been affecting my whole mood, my family keeps asking me why I'm so upset but the answer is that I'm not eating when I'm hungry because I just can't get myself too. I'm trying to recover from anorexia nervosa restrictive type but clearly it's not going well. Anyone else nervous about the food situation at the holiday events? What should I do?

Hi soccerfan2021,

I used to feel like you several years, ago. I used to think that my situation was something impossible to change. Some years later, here I am. Ready to enjoy the holidays with no panic at all. I love eating, now.

With the above, I just want to tell you that you can enjoy food. That freedom is possible. It takes time. But you need to take one day at a time.

Focus your time and energy on enjoying the holidays, the people you will meet with, the nice talks. Don't think too much about food. When the time comes, you just eat what you feel comfortable with, nothing else. But if possible, try to allow yourself one more bit or a little piece of a treat.

Just think that eating a treat or more than usual for one day will not make you gain weight. But that it will help you to teach your brain that food is not the enemy. That you can enjoy an extra bit, snack or treat and nothing terrible will happen to you.

Practice makes mastery. You can do it!


The eating disorder is a

The eating disorder is a problem I've been trying to fight for two years now. When we go on vacation as a family, I can't fully enjoy my rest. We usually book all-inclusive hotels. I can't afford to eat whatever I want. Some family members make fun of me because they don't understand how serious my problem is. In a week we are going on a trip to Australia. This time I insisted that we book not a hotel but a house where I could cook delicious and healthy food for myself. We booked the perfect place to stay recently. I hope to have a productive vacation there and continue to struggle with my problem.

Hi SancolNill

Hi SancosNill! It's great that you are sharing and supporting others, however we did have to slightly edit your post. Outside links are not allowed on the forums, which violates our community guidelines. You can review them here. Please keep posting!