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Not Eating but Gaining Weight? Help Please

I have undiagnosed ED, anorexia, and have had an unhealthy body image for years. I’m obsessed by my weight, and weigh myself every morning and track it in my iPhone. Due to a medical condition, I receive medication 5 days a week in the infusion center, along with another IV medication for my condition. I haven’t had anything solid since Sunday, and have only had clear liquids and tea. Not only have I not lost weight, its actually gone up a bit. What am I missing here? Is the weight I’m keeping mostly fluid weight? TIA


Welcome to the forums, we are happy you are here! We just wanted to let you know that we edited your post to remove weight and medication because it can be triggering for others. This violates our community guidelines, which you can review here. We hope you find the support you are looking for and keep posting!