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I don't really know what I have

I've done alot of research and I'm fairly confident that I have ARFID, but from what I've learned people with ARFID don"t care about thier weight, and I do, up until i was 14-15 I was under a healthy weight, and when I finally got to a healthy weight, I convinced myself I was happy about it, but I think I was really just covering up the fact that I wasn't, now I'm 16 and I went to the doctor yesterday and they weighed me, and I didn't think I really cared that much about my weight but getting that number really messed with me, I haven't eaten anything since dinner last night all I've done is drink, and I really don't want to eat, but I'm confused, everything I read about ARFID says people with it don't care about thier weight or body shape,can I have ARFID but still care about my weight and body shape? Is it possible I have more than one ED?


Welcome to the forums! It's great that you are taking this step to share your experience. Eating disorders are different for everyone but you are not alone. We did want to mention that we edited your post to remove weight, which can be triggering for others. This violates our community guidelines, you can review them here. Keep posting!


It might not be the answer you were looking for, but I get it. I’ve never been diagnosed so I always thought I just had mild anorexia, but recently it seems a lot more like bulimia. But at the end of the day it literally does not matter. An eating disorder is an eating disorder. If food causes you distress, that’s not good. A diagnosis is very validating, but unfortunately it doesn’t do anything. At least in my experience. ED recovery is hard, and it goes the same for all EDs: stop behaviors, restore physical health, work on mental health, essentially. Idk if that helps.