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Shopping for New Work Clothing is Stressful

Stores round here wont allow us customers

to fit on clothes in their fitting rooms.

I hate guessing whether an outfit,

or pants will fit me correctly.

I have already returned online outfits, especially pants.

The size chart of online clothing is

Not always accurate. So tonight I continue to online

shop and order clothes. My retail job kind of has a uniform.

I wear scrub pants and we have an assigned polo shirt.

My teaching job is the 1 that I am finding myself doing online shopping for.

I have tons of tops in my closet.

I am donating a bunch of my favorite dresses that I had never worn,

but had saved as they were so lovely.

Now I feel bad but hope that some

lady will be able to appreciate my dresses.

Tonight I am feeling anxious.

I have not worked for 2 days in a row.

Tomorrow and next day I work both jobs.

I need to go take my pm Rx's or I shall never chill

and will feel jittery all night.

Take care everyone, and take 1 day at a time.

Reply re: Pants Shopping

Hi 2Healthy4Me,
I'm so glad I came across your post sharing about the incredible difficulty in finding professional pants. I also have plenty of tops, but otherwise only jeans and capri leggings that are really comfortable. I have been out of work for 2-1/2 years and trying to find pants that truly fit, are a material my skin can tolerate, and are reasonably priced, has been overwhelming, and no success yet. The shame and unhappiness I feel about how my body carries extra weight and how that makes finding any pants that comfortably fit almost impossible is often overwhelming. When I did find a pair a while back, having them tailored to fit ended up being more expensive then the pants.
Yikes! I sure am venting here. I'm grateful to have found this site. Thank you for sharing.

Your Welcome

Macy's has a plus women's department. The In Style Department has a line of soft stretchy jeans.

This line of women's jeans are called, "In Style." I ordered a larger size but ended up overjoyed by the generosity of how stretchy the material fits.

Now I may even fit in a size less.

I hope that you explore some online shopping sites

for plus size clothing. Just use their brands size chart

and measure yourself for filling in the measurement blanks.

It's fun shopping, and it sure helps distract me from binging unnecessarily.