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My Body Image is Fragile as I Continue to Retain Extra Water

I have not a clue about what the heck is going on with my body.

I am still dealing with uncomfortable water retention.

Around my right ankle, on the side, my foot looks puffy.

My stomach area is so uncomfortable filled with water retention.

My walking shoes are all fitting tightly.

I have been taking walks w/ my summer sandals on nightly.

I feel like I have lost my firm grip and have given in to feeling weak over

all this water retention and continuous weight gain.

I had to order bras in a size larger to fit my chest comfortably

as the water retention is the greatest around the front of my chest,

and back area too. This is not a crisis issue but more like a

sense of loss of control over my well toned body

that was accustomed to working out moderately almost daily

at the pool or gym. So because walking is my last resort,

and my feet are not fitting in my sneakers so well anymore

I feel defeated by this awful water retention.

My gynecologists' said the ovarian fibroids are large but

should not be causing water retention or obvious weight gain.

I am fasting more as a result of feeling helpless

over my body's weight gain and water retention.

I have placed my old herbal diet remedy back on my order list

and am about to begin using this as soon as it is shipped to me.

I cant walk any faster than my legs will allow me to.

And still awaiting the local pool to re-open.

My patience is getting shorter as I desire to gain control

over this problem currently trying to overcome.