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Mace a huge difficult life decision

I have decided to quit my job I am burnt out on being a daycare teacher I feel such relief in the thought of no longer yea hung I have applied at a lot of other jobs. I am just plain exhausted and it has not been good for my mental health. I need thud it has been a hard decision but I know the right one I give my 2 weeks notice Monday I feel somewhat sad j will miss the kids and some of my coworkers but still know what I need to do.

Good for you. I know

Good for you. I know decisions like that can be so, so difficult to make. It’s amazing that you were able to find it in yourself to get there! You should feel so proud. I hope this does provide the relief you need right now. I know this job has been stressing you out for a long time. I hope that during this interim, you’re able to focus on yourself and your recovery as well. You are worth it

Thank you i feel good about

Thank you i feel good about my decision. Its really emotional but its the right choice I am very anxious to talk to my boss but she is lovely and I am saying I am leaving for medical reasons which is true. it is very medical more mental health but that is health its just not seen the same.