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Finances of treatment

Hello, I am somewhat new at navigating the world of eating disorders. I have a 19 year old daughter who started with outpatient (RD and therapist) this summer. She was making good progress but then went back to college and has been struggling. There have been conflicting/differing recommendations from her team and it seems likely a higher level of care will ultimately be recommended as we sort things out over the next few days/weeks.

I have been in touch with a treatment facility who offers residential, IOP and PHP. I am having absolute sticker shock about the cost of treatment after insurance covers. And I'm blown away by how many people state their children have done programs multiple times. How do people afford this? Do they go bankrupt? Mortgage their homes? I'm really struggling with this aspect- especially with such low success and relapse rates. I am considering making her spend every dime in her savings account on her own treatment- would that be more motivation? Would love thoughts and input about this.

Did you try to do a charity

Did you try to do a charity fair to sell certain items in the house that you no longer use?

I am moved every time I read

I am moved every time I read such cases because I feel the pain of every parent who goes through it. In such situations, you need patience and perseverance to get over all the pain and perseverance to work and earn any penny for treatment. My daughter had the same diagnosis. From the moment I heard it, I raised all the money our relatives gave us; I did fundraising at the school and charity fairs.


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