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my 16th birthday is coming up and im trying to find something fun todo to celebrate... everything that I can find revolves around food and its the one day I don't want to be worrying about the requirement of my portion and the amount of cal. any non-food birthday ideas?

How about

Getting a mani pedi or massage or a mini vacation at the beach or going to see a movie?

fall activities!

I've been wanting to kayak recently because it seems fun - especially if your Birthday is around the time that leaves change colors, it could look really pretty out, and it's just nice to be outside. Other ideas: an art/ceramic class at one of those open art studios or exploring an art museum

Hi nurishing2flour...,

I understand your concern but wouldn't you be willing to give yourself a day off from your ED?
Don't you think it would be nice to remember your 16th birthday as the day when you said "No" to your ED and tried to eat something along with the people you love?
You do not need to eat the entire cake or your full meal. Just to enjoy people's companion and eat whatever you feel comfortable to.

If that is too much to ask, then, plan a SPA day with your friends or go to a restaurant and share food. In that way, nobody will notice how much or less u eat.

A trip on your own would be great.