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Before Dinner Time

I'm currently trying to recover from my eating disorder.
One thing that has really been upsetting me lately is before dinner. Just like what happened today. I was cooking with my mom, and I just felt so stressed, pressured, and overwhelmed as we made all the food. There was so much everywhere. I wasn't dizzy, but it was like everything was whirling around me and I ended up breaking down because it was all too much. Not all days are like this, but it seems to be a trend.
This is why I am wondering if anyone has ideas on how to make this part less stressful. What do you do when making the food is difficult? Do you just push through it like a semi truck or distract yourself by watching Mr.Bean? I don't know but please share any ideas.
Thank you.

Cooking can be stressful

Cooking can be stressful and I also feel overwhelmed depending on what I make. I found that if I try to prep as much before cooking, like pre measuring ingredients, or if I make a side or appetizer to go with the meal, I'll make it before I even start cooking. I find that it makes cooking easier and more enjoyable and doesn't feel as stressful or frustrating. Also when I feel like when I'm cooking and it's getting away from me, I ask my mom to help out, so maybe you could let your mom take control and see what you can do to help her out so it's not as overwhelming