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Gagging during recovery

Has anyone experienced their child starting to gag through meals after being weight restored? She was not purging prior and did not have this symptom through an intense recessing period of several months. It started about 6 weeks ago after she was meal compliant and weight restored and period returned. It is quite random (could be breakfast, snack dinner etc) and she sometimes will even vomit partly on her plate if it gets really bad.
Nothing medically wrong and appears to get worse if anxious but sometimes she says it’s totally random and unexpected. Would love to know if anyone has found a way to ease/get through this. I’m fairly certain it’s just ED fighting back in another way but We’re kind of stuck.


My daughter is dealing with this now. It just started about a month ago after 3 months of progress and weight restoration. It seems to affect her just in the morning. She started using medication to control the nausea when it happens. It does seem to help but can't understand why it started and can't get an answer from providers other than anxiety.