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Helping a friend figuring out if he has an eating disorder

My friend (male 20) thinks he has an eating disorder. I am not sure it is one but I would like to help him as much as possible. He has said that he hasn’t felt like eating “because it is not fun” for a few weeks now. Today he texted me that he was trying to eat and after a few bites he felt like he was going to throw up so he had to stop eating. He said the taste had made him feel that way and it has been happening for over a week. This current meal he was actually excited about which hasn’t happened in a while so now he is concerned.
He is a bigger guy even for his height so he’s always eaten a lot but his intake has diminished because of his lack of wanting to eat. Is this why he feels gross when eating?
Is this an eating disorder and if it is how can I help him to make sure he is eating and taking care of himself?