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Please help...started strength training and my eating is messed up again

My eating has been regulated for some weeks after a long confusing period. By regulated< I mean I get hungry cues at similar times every day and so I eat. But as I started my gym sessions, I got my constant food cravings back and I eat like having an insatiable appetite - which I had before.

I heard that gaining muscles would lead to higher metabolism and easy hunger. But I only started working out for a week or two, there is no way my muscles grow so fast.

Is it simply because my lifestyle changed so my cues got confused again?

Please help. I am so stressed whenever I eat but not feeling full!!

Happened to me too

Hi! What you're describing is so relatable. I used to go running regularly during recovery (for better or for worse) and my hunger would stay at a pretty consistent level, but on strength training days my appetite would seem to explode. Sometimes just a bit more than usual, sometimes to epic binge-inducing proportions.

Overall, I think you still might be underestimating how much energy strength training actually requires. It's not just because of muscle gain; the "afterburn" effect is much greater than with cardio, and even if you don't see a big net increase in muscle, you're still having to repair all of the torn muscle fibers in your body.

Additionally, strength training is a form of stress on your body, and EDs make our brains kind of panicky about any physical my experience at least, haha.

I know that this can be super anxiety inducing, but I want you to know that you can actually trust your body and hunger and you'll be totally fine in the long term. There's nothing worse for you than restricting while strength'll slowly destroy your muscles instead of building them. I made that mistake.