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Allergic Food Reaction to a Trendy, new Superfood-Never Aware that I had this Involuntary Impulse in Me

This morning I had a leftover side dish from last night's dinner. I ate it this morning, heated in microwave first, of course.

A few minutes after I finished a small bowl, I began to feel like i was choking on my saliva. This feeling caused me to become very symptomatic of a negative reaction to this at breakfast. I didn't do it on purpose, but I involuntarily got sick into the sink.
I threw everything that I had of this food into the trash. I will NEVER eat it again.

It smelled pleasant, was so perfectly soft, and fluffy, but This food wasn't meant for me!

My butt's been stuck on the chair all afternoon checking on some very important emails.

Bye everyone, and be well.

Too graphic

I'm not sure why you feel the need to go into detail like this, or how it relates to eating disorders. Please be mindful and more considerate of others before posting. It seems a bit too much of over sharing. Perhaps this is better discussed with a professional, like your therapist.


But, I am a descriptive writer.

Many writer's here, I have read, use descriptive words, as well.

Mine are based on the Present, I.e., an experience, in the moment, while eating a meal.

Memories can be soooo very powerful,

and move us to act impulsively

at times too.

All in all, I am Now aware of a new trigger food which I must avoid, because I have an allergic reaction if I eat it.

That's ALL

There's a place for this type of descriptive writing

Particularly on eating disorder things, such as what makes you throw up. That is more appropriate in a personal journal. It's inconsiderate of others who may be negatively affected by it. This isn't your personal journal. Other people suffering from eating disorders read this.

Sorry, but I never used the V word, that was an Assumption

Like I had said, my new trigger food led me to feel a choking sensation, and that was all. Then I concluded by taking control over my ability to Never to Eat that again. I am sorry that you might have misunderstood what I wrote and it triggered a quick, sharp reply back to my forum entry.

Edited your post

Hi 2Healthy4Me, thank you for posting. We edited your post to remove some descriptions related to a specific food, which may be triggering to other users and are not allowed on the forums – you can review our community guidelines here. We hope you are feeling better – thank you for understanding and please continue to post.

Sorry, I never really used the V word.

The food triggered a choking response and was definitely related to a food which I experienced as Not Worth such a bad reaction to nourish my body with. That was ALL........

Hi 2Healthy4me,

I hope you are feeling better. I know that when we have an ED, the simple fact of getting ill or getting some food poisoning can trigger a gun. However, do not classify that specific food item as triggering. Give it another try. The least that we need is to reduce the variety of what we eat.
It may have happened that what u ate was not in good conditions. Or maybe, your stomach was not in the best state to eat that.

Whatever the reason, the best is not to classify any foods as "bad", "triggering" or "dangerous". All of them are good unless there is really an allergic reaction behind.


Thanks for your open minded perspective

That always helps bring me back from wading out to far into the shark infested ocean of mind purging.