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Adult Daughter Suffering From Food Avoidance ED

My 24 year old daughter, who has lived in another state for the past four years, has returned home with a relapse of anorexia, taking the form of food avoidance and texture issues. In the past, she has been treated for anxiety and depression, with both medication and therapy. She left home to attend school, living with boyfriend. Her relationship (thankfully) ended and she lived on her own for some time, then quit attending school without informing us (she was in a cosmetology program), so all the money we had invested was gone. She began a new relationship, which seemed great, made a single semester stab at college, then moved to another state with boyfriend. The relapse with food issues began off/on last summer, after she had been prescribed a medication for depression/anxiety. She read this medication also can suppress your appetite, so she discontinued it and therapy. Things have gone downhill from there. Her relationship has deteriorated, not only due to her issues, but her boyfriend's controlling and verbally abusive behavior, which really intensified her eating problems. I finally told her to leave and come back to our home, as that was clearly a toxic environment for her. She's been here two weeks. She has always been on the slender size, but is currently less than her normal weight.. She does not NOT eat, but she says at times she'll spend a long time just trying to get herself to eat something. If I cook a meal, she'll eat it. She doesn't purge, she sees her body clearly as it is. We are looking at the best way to get her treatment now and residential seems out of reach financially, even with insurance. We're trying to find counselors to treat her, but she keeps rejecting everyone because she says (based on online info) that they don't have experience with her specific type of ED. On top of all this, she's floundering in terms of knowing what she wants to do with her life in terms of career, boyfriend will not leave her alone, she's conflicted about the relationship - basically, a ton of bricks. I'm unsure of how to move forward with her. She's welcome to stay in our home and receive treatment here, but past issues have made us impatient with her. In the past, she's gone through psychiatric treatment and therapy and didn't following through with it. The ED in the past seemed to be a component of anxiety problems and was helped by treatment for that. She was put into an involuntary psychiatric hold after cutting herself so badly it required a trip to hospital for treatment. That was a nightmare that did more harm than good. She no longer cuts. To add to this, I have a very elderly parent who is requiring more care, a husband who is on dialysis for kidney failure and another child with substance abuse issues.

I am a little uninformed about this type of ED as it is not what I have heard about in the past and feel overwhelmed. My daughter is willing and anxious to get treatment, but her past behavior has made me expect she won't follow through with it. I'm overwhelmed and unsure how to find the right treatment that is affordable and accessible. Any advice is welcome. Thanks for listening to my rambling!!


Hi August41, welcome to the forums! It's great that you posted and NEDA has some information on the website under the "Help & Sopport" tab for some options that may be able to help you. We did have to slightly edit your post to remove medication names as well as height and weight that can be triggering for others. It doesn't follow the community guidelines which you can view here, Keep posting!

I am so sorry that you are

I am so sorry that you are facing such a problem. Anorexia and bulimia are quite common diseases, especially among teenage girls. Unreasonable complexes of teenagers lead to irreversible consequences. Because of the huge number of diets and restrictions, the body stops functioning fully. It's great that your daughter is aware of the problem and wants to find an adequate solution and get rid of her suffering. There are the safest ways to achieve a good result. Proper nutrition and sports help people lose excess weight while staying healthy. There are cases where people need surgery. The Liposuction Toronto ( ) procedure allows women to eliminate their concerns about being overweight when nothing else helps.