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ARFID partner

I have been dating my boyfriend for over a year now (have known him for longer though) and he suffers from ARFID. As someone who has close friends with eating disorders, I am understanding of it, but it has not been without struggles. I love to cook and make food for others and go out for dinner... and although he also enjoys the act of cooking/experience of a restaurant, I really miss sharing a meal with my partner. I have brought up seeking professional help in the past and he agrees that he needs it, but there has not been a true effort to do that. Wondering if anyone can offer advice or share an experience they have had with a partner with ARFID? Thanks!

I am elated there is a name for my disorder

I’ have suffered with ARFID FOR THE PAST 60 years! I have missed out on Company trips, fishing trips to Canada, dinners out and any get together involving food. My family knows but doesn’t understand and although I love a good conversation, this issue is my “skeleton in the closet.” I cannot eat any fruits or vegetables without violent gagging, vomiting or panic attacks. When I was young I contemplated taking my own life. I am a type two diabetic so being able to eat nutritious food is a matter of life and death.

Until a week ago when I googled SED SELECTIVE EATING DISORDER, I never knew what caused me to be,this way or maybe now there my be some hope here. I read about the doctor in London that uses hypnotherapy and said he has a ninety percent success rate with adults. I’ll bet I am the oldest person to contact you. I want to eat well and enjoy better health. Currently I get tired more and more lately even though I am a service man for a builder. The most startling issue I have is my increased lack of strength.

Some say this can be brought on by trauma when we are young. I heard all of the symptoms and it all sounds like me. I just want to be,able to get up one,day and,eat without fear of gagging or worse. Can you help me