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drinking water in recovery

I’m new to the forum and I’d like some help. I’ve been in anorexia recovery for about two weeks now and I’ve had a lot of trouble staying hydrated because drinking water adds to the feelings of bloating and body dysmorphia, specifically in my stomach. I’m already so bloated from eating the amounts of food that I need to, and it’s really distressing having my stomach look this big. I know hydration is important, but these feelings are really triggering and make me want to restrict more. Any tips?

Have you

Talked about it with a professional therapist or your medical doctor? Have you thought about adding flavor to water? It makes it easier for me to get enough hydration for the day.

I know that this is not a fix

I know that this is not a fix, but try to wear a jacket that covers your stomach so you can't see it. Remember that your body needs a lot of water to stay healthy, and that you deserve food and love. There are some exercises you can do that massage your stomach and reduce bloating as well. We are here for you, and know that no matter what you look like, you still have value and worth