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Where to start? Every day becomes a binge because it's the "one last time" I'll eat it

How do I stop the cycle of binging every day with the thought that this is the one last time I will eat this and tomorrow I will eat healthier or better? I am unhappy with my body and the weight that I am at and don't know how to move past the binge/restrict cycle. I was doing okay until I moved in with my sister (who is naturally very small). I find myself afraid to eat what I want in front of her, which causes me to binge behind closed doors (sneak food in my room, eat in the car, etc.) Any advice?

Where to start

I have the exact same question. Every morning I get out of bed hoping I can get through the day without binging and every day I end up binging.

Start off

By seeking out professional help. Unfortunately I don't have advice, nor would I be allowed to give advice, on here.

Hi there,

Unrestricted eating is what often helps to stop the binge cycle. I know, it is hard. You will tell me that every time you eat, you end up bingeing. This is truth at first but over time, as soon as your body trusts you will continuously feed it, it stops sending you those huge urges to binge eat.

Another important thing is to eat often during the day. Otherwise, you will arrive starving to your next meal and guess what? Binge...

Professional help is the best for this. But please keep in mind that in order to have a healthy life, you do not need to diet for the rest of your life. You binge because you are telling your brain "it is the last time you will over-eat/have a feast". What if you tell your brain that "food will always be available to nourish your body"?

At some point, it will believe you!

I don’t know

If that will work. I feel like I eat uncontrollably because it’s the only thing left in life that I enjoy. I used to drink/drug/ and quit that. Then I quit smoking. I used to love to take walks outside but now I have a knee injury that is not fixable and more mobility issues because I weigh X pounds and am aging (58). I don’t have friends because I’ve been burned by ppl so many times I just gave up on ppl. So, all I really have is food and tv. I live in a small town with very few therapists and most are women and I don’t talk well with women. The 2 male ones here: one won’t see me because I quit without notifying him and the other only works with kids. I do believe in God and I do pray and that is my only hope.

Hi amygotgrace,

With COVID, a lot of therapists are offering online counselling. So, this may be your opportunity to work with someone that is not in your town and that is specialized in eating disorders.
Anxiety, trauma and many other situations lead us to cope with our disordered eating. But it does not always have to be that way. Please look for some professional help. It is never too late and you CAN and WILL overcome this.

From what you are saying, it seems to me that you have been exchanging "coping mechanisms": drugs, smoking, drinking, etc. Food is just another one but you can also get some balance in what you eat.

Dear amygotgrace, we would

Dear amygotgrace, we would like to inform you that we edited your post to remove the weight numbers, which are not allowed on the forums. You can review our community guidelines here. You can also contact our Helpline for support and treatment options. You can call or text 800-931-2237 or chat with the Helpline online. Thanks for your understanding and please keep posting! 

I lay out fruit and healthy

I lay out healthy snack options, so I go to what is on the counter top first before raiding the cupboards if I can help it. I then have a small snack bowl so I try not to eat say the whole bag. Just that bowl and one at a time. Limit myself to two bowls then change to something else healthy and filling. Helps me not to get into a food frenzy. Healthy alternatives that still make you feel full but they stop me feeling as guilty and out of control after. Just little things that help me try and stay more in control of my ED than letting it control me. It's hard but trying to incorporate go to healthy snacks and a certain size bowl is helping me atm. If I got back to refill the bowl I know what I am eating now. Rather than getting non a frenzy and drawing a blank after. Been doing this for a month and still have my bad days but its helping to keep me on more of an even keel and feel I am in control doing this in general. It's a really hard thing to deal with but I have no doubt you have the strength to do so. This is just a part of our journey and a brighter destination is worth fighting for, that's what I tell myself when I feel rubbish with it anyway. So I am sure you will kick it's butt. It all takes time to work on but that's one one thing in life that is to our advantage. A new day and a new start. Even if just 1% better than the day before or the week before, think of where you will be in a year when that mouths up. Hope this helps. Is nice to chat to people going through similar things. Not done this forum/ support group thing before. Hope you have a good day, and remember we wouldn't know what they were without the bad ones. So keep fighting also and I wish you all the best. xox

Dear LizzyLizzy, we would

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