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Worried about my partner ED

Hello, my partner suffers from a ED I assume. We have been together coming up 9 years and when I first met her she was X stone .. at the age of 17. She struggled putting on weight or eating proper meals and enough food. As the years gone on I promised my self to help her gain weight, now she’s 25 and we have moved out to our own place she has put on weight and now she’s at X stone which she is only Xft so she isn’t very tall. So Iv been so proud of her

Anyway her life is hectic, stress with her family mainly her mother suffers from depression and neglect from her father and sister who has things going on and throwing getting comments to my partner about her weight etc. So the only positive things she has is friends and me so I can see where her depression started.

So sometimes she has good weeks and some times there really bad but she can not look at her self in the mirror without knocking her self sick. Everyday it’s in her mind that her weight or body isn’t correct for a 24 year own women and sometimes she can’t even leave the house or do things that she would love todo.

Some meal times are hard she doesn’t know what she wants or when she eats it’s only something small or she can’t get half way through a normal meal. At times she doesn’t want to eat and it frustrates her because she really wants to but her her mind making her feel sick just looking at her food. When she does have good times it’s eating X which she can have a good amount no problem.

I’m just looking for some advice because I’d do anything for this girl. Iv now ordered some weight gainers just to experiment. She will never ever be happy unless her gains weight and it’s been that long Iv tries my hardest to support her but it feels like I’m drowning im running out of options or ideas. There is plenty more to say but I’ll leave it as this for now thank you for any advice

Dear Johnn-towns, we would

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Sorry your post sat here for a while. Sometimes it can take time to get a response.

That being said, this sounds like a serious situation. Nine years is a long time for a person to be in the grips of this spell, and it's no surprise that she is tired and confused by it all.

And really, it sounds to me like you've been doing the best that you can, so I hope you can put your mind at ease about that part of things.

So people are always going to be saying that the person needs to get therapy. That seems to be everyone's universal response. But to be honest that sounds like what's needed right now, as it sounds like things just aren't getting better, no matter what sort of effort she makes.

Do you think that she would be open to that ? It can be expensive it's true, and there's no guarantee it will work, but it sounds to me like she'd really like to get better, which is a hopeful sign in situations like this.

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