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It's Saturday and Fear Crowding @ My Grocery Store

I need to go grocery shopping this afternoon. It's Saturday, and I usually wait until Monday to shop, as I try and avoid the weekend grocery store crowds.

I am scheduled to work Sun-Thanksgiving Day for this week so have no other time to p/u a few food items. I went to my local mall yesterday.

Today I have been sheltering inside all afternoon, and fasting all day as well. So I need to go out check mail, and go to p/u a few items.

Perhaps I shall take an early walk instead of grocery shopping. I'm just not sure???Of course this all has to do with food as my nucleus of my anxious body and mind.

Hi 2Healthy4me,

I hope you chose to go for grocery shopping rather than walking. The reason is that you are fasting. So, it would not be healthy at all to workout when your body is not getting the nutrients it needs.

I also avoid crowds and I do hate having food and exercise as the center of my life. That has been changing little by little. Now, I do not think so much of food/exercise. BUT whenever it happens, I just do hate it.

Try to rest on your days off. Do something that is funny for you and walk. But please try to avoid fasting. In the long term, it does not help to recover from our eating disorders.


Thanks Annet

I actually did go grocery shopping for just a few food items. Then got home unloaded the groceries, put on the tennis sneakers and did walk for a good 30 mins, or so. Thanks for your helpful advice. Are you a psych major? Performance theories of optimum performance, and learning....Bye

Hi 2Healthy4me,

I am glad you used your day-off in an optimum way. You did all the things you had planned. Good work! I hope today you are having a good day at work.

I do not have a phych major. I am an Engineer. However, when I was 18 or so, I joined some Human Development trainings and since then, I have not stopped. I am trained to give Human Development workshops and as a group facilitator. I do love working with people although Covid does not allow me to do that much. I know I can do it online but the F2F interaction is something I miss a lot.

Hugs and cheers for the week. We all will have a positive one!



Ever since I lost my job and have become a stay at home mom my eating disorder has resurfaced. I will go through periods of overeating to where I eventually feel sick. It happens when I feel stressed or out of control. I am in no way overweight or unhealthy, just my eating habits. I exercise a lot, about 10 hours a week. I always feel stressed around food, especially in social situations. What is your go-to for when you feel out of control?

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