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I wanted to check in and see how your appointments went yesterday and how the start of your treatment goes today. Wishing all the best!!

Thank you for checking in my

Thank you for checking in my doctors appointment was cut short because she had to tend to an emergency with another patient. My appointments went ok though but I am still keeping one secret from my treatment team and I know I should tell them. I have another treatment tomorrow and I can just say it was weird but hoping it is beneficial in the end. I have a nutritionist appointment tomorrow I could open up to her I have known her the longest but still scared...

So glad it went well! Opening

So glad it went well! Opening up is scary especially when it’s about something you’ve been keeping to yourself for a while. You’re strong and I know you can do it. Hope everything else went well today.

Thanks for the support I didn

Thanks for the support I didn’t tell my nutritionist my secret I am just scared it will mean residential my behaviors are not great. I had my second treatment today but feel no different yet but it they say takes time it’s different for everyone. My nutritionist feels I am doing worse then my last relapse and I said I think it is the same. That one almost led to residential my parents just won’t let me do I have to figure it out

Remember, our secrets only

Remember, our secrets only keep us sick. Part of the reason it is so important that we be open with our therapists and doctors is so that they can give us the tools and support we need to fight and recover. Secrets are where EDs fester and grow. In fact, it is your ED trying to keep this secret right now. Your best bet at being able to recover without residential is actually being open and telling your dietician about what’s been going on. The longer the secret it kept, the worse it grows. Also, it could even be preventing you from experiencing the effects of the new treatment. I know that may sound odd, but our bodies don’t react the way we expect them to when we aren’t taking care of and nourishing them. I urge you to be open with your team. It is obvious they care about you a lot and just want what’s best for them. Tell them what’s going on so they can help lead you into recovery. You deserve it

Thank you for the support. I

Thank you for the support. I know you are right I have to tell my team I am keeping a secret that is just hurting me my team really does care and I know that I just am ashamed of the behavior so I don’t want to tell them. I know I need more help to stop and I feel I have stopped it before I can again and not tell anyone. The new treatment I have again Monday it will be my third one my doctor said it takes time to work. I just want instant fixes. Part of my problem

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