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Hoping for the best

I have a consultation Thursday for the new treatment I am trying it’s a new medication and hopefully it will help my depression and help my PTSD and hopefully that will help my eating disorder behaviors if I feel better emotionally. I have been acting on behaviors every day again and it’s just not good my kidneys are hurting my doctor said from blood work due to dehydration probably. It’s just a struggle every day...

Medical Concerns

Hi, hermione3. It sounds like you're going through a hard time and we want to encourage you to continue to be in contact with your medical doctor as it sounds like you're concerned about your physical well-being. Please take care and stay safe.


How was your consultation today? How are you doing?

I was sick all day from my

I was sick all day from my period my nutritionist said it was worse due to not eating enough I was weak and drained. I feel physically awful. My consultation went well I am nervous I start the treatments Monday it’s supposed to help with depression and well also said could help my eating disorder l. I hope it works

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