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I'm reaching out to any other parents who may be dealing with an ARFID issue. I've just heard of this within the last month as we finally got a diagnosis from a GI doc as something besides IBS. Just want to become more educated with others knowledge and experience of this confounding disorder. He is vegan and now down to less than 10 foods he will regularly consume. Many thanks.


Not a parent, but I interact a lot with people who have eating disorders, and my sense is that like a lot of eating disorders, it's a safety and control issue for the person.

And that that's the part that "makes sense" to the person who struggles with it, even when another part of them understands how much it restricts and constrains them.

Being a vegan can sometimes be a part of the "safety" thing too I think. In that the person would feel anxious and unsafe if they were to stray away from their "safe foods".

What sort of terrible thing would happen to the person if they somehow relaxed their strick self-control…I'm not sure that they have thought it out that far. But it's clear to them that it wouldn't be good. Again, perhaps it's the issue of control itself that sits at the heart of the thing. And who feels comfortable with the idea that their life could be somehow slipping out of their control ?

No one that I know. So it can be a real dilemma, that's for sure.