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Hi everyone, this is my first post. I have been really struggling with this incessant need to either purge or exercise after I eat any food that i deem “bad”. I know categorizing food as bad or good is detrimental to my relationship with food but I can’t turn the voice off in my head. I purged today and after breakfast I went on a bike ride. When i get home, I plan on exercising before bed. This is a viscous cycle and fight I feel I am losing. does anyone have any tips to stop viewing food as the enemy.

p.s i hope everyone is staying safe

Best advice

is to seek out professional help. Unfortunately on here we cannot advise or cure. The real work is in facing the underlying issues of the eating disorder. We are not professionals, but we can let you know you're not alone. I just overcame 30 years of eating disorders with 4 years of treatment.

Hi Wishfulwriter,

It sounds like you would benefit from working with a therapist and dietician.
To me, it helped to think of food as "fuel/energy for my body". Regardless if it was "good" or "bad", "healthy/unhealthy", at the end, it was just fuel for my body to be able to perform its daily functions and for me to enjoy life.



Hi Wishfulwriter, welcome to the forums! We’re glad you are here. The NEDA Helpline could be of help finding ED support resources that might help you with the cycle you’re finding yourself in, including free or low cost options. The Helpline phone number is 800-931-2237 and can be reached Monday-Thursday 11am-9pm ET, Friday 11am-5pm ET – or chat with us online, Monday-Thursday 9am-9pm ET, Friday 9am-5pm ET. Please don’t hesitate to reach out. We wish you the best, and know that you are not alone.