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My son has stopped eating

I am very worried about my son who has stopped eating, lost weight and become emotionally withdrawn.

Hi, I'm sorry your son is

Hi, I'm sorry your son is going through this, it sounds like it must be painful to see him suffering. Have you tried talking to him about it? I don't have kids, but as someone who went through ED as a teenager, I know how hard it can be to open up to parents about these things. Maybe bringing up your concerns gently without commenting on body size or anything (as that can be triggering, it was for me), and just saying you're worried about his behaviors could help. He might not be receptive, as those who are stuck in the ED mindset often resist fiercely to any suggestion that they may not be well, but NEDA has some great resources for parents of those struggling you may want to look into as well. Wishing you both well, -Elizabeth


Hi bmsteadman, we’re sorry to hear that your son is struggling. We encourage you to reach out to the NEDA Helpline, which is available for information surrounding support and resources. The helpline phone line can be reached at 1-800-931-2237 (Monday-Thursday 11:00am-9:00pm, Friday 11:00am-5:00pm EST). Helpline chat hours are Monday-Thursday from 9AM to 9PM ET and Friday 9AM to 5PM ET.  Please continue to reach out to the forum for support as well. You are not alone – wishing the best to you, your son and your family. 

NEDA is here to support you during the evolving COVID-19 outbreak. The health of our community, especially those who are most vulnerable to the virus' serious complications, remains paramount. To access resources that can provide free and low-cost support, please click here.