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Intro - Support needed

Hi, I just joined. I am pretty sure I have an eating disorder. I am obsessing and restricting. I haven't figured out how to make myself eat yet. I also have cPTSD, as well as depression, anxiety/panic and have been in tratment most of my life. I am just now coming out of my denial about the ED. I have a phone therapy session tomorrow. She is aware that I have food issues but doesnt know the true extent. Will correct that. What else do I need to do? What is possible right now?

Wishing you the best

Hi ladym! I realize this is a while after your original post, so I am assuming you've already had your phone therapy session. I know talking about these things is so so hard, and I just wanted to say what you're doing takes a lot of courage. I hope it went well and that you have the support you deserve. Wishing you the best, -sadieelizabeth7