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quarantine is making me go back to old trigger foods (BED)

quarantine has made my cravings worse, now i want everything salty, crunchy, and in a bag. I just sit in bed watching tv and eat bag after bag, until my room is littered with wrappers and i feel so disgusting.

I try to hide it so i can forget about it. but it’s too late and i want it out but i’m too scared and just let it sit in my body. i want so badly to stop feeling hungry but it’s constant, my mind constantly wanders to what i will eat and when

i don’t know what comes over me when i do this, i eat quickly and until my stomach feels like it’s gonna burst and the bag is gone, over and over again. why can’t i learn how to stop? why do i have no self control?

i’m trying to control my appetite but sitting at home every day makes things worse, the kitchen is right there, my biggest temptation. it seems like the harder i try to avoid bingeing, the worse it gets. i wish i could be normal about food.

does anyone else feel like this?

Dear brightonh

Welcome to the forums! We are writing to let you know we had to edit some of your post of specific ED behaviors and things not permissible on the forums. If you have any questions you can always review the community guidelines  Again, welcome to the forums. We hope you continue to post. Take care!

Try picking out healthier

I like to try to pick out healthy snacks. My favorite healthy snack is X. I know it's easier said than done though. I've considered going as far as putting locks on the fridge and cabinet that only my family can unlock...

good idea

i went shopping and got some healthier alternatives, thank you! i love X too! i used to cook them in the oven and they’re so yummy, they even have them in packs now as a healthier alternative to Y

Edited your comment

Hi LanACDC. We edited the phrasing of your comment to remove mentions of specific foods and nutritional advice, which are not allowed on the forums. You can review this in our community guidelines found here. Thank you for understanding and please continue to post! 

hi brightonh

I am sorry that quarantine is making things harder for you. It is really hard to be home all day and not experience negative feelings and emotions, and even harder not to act. I wish I could offer you more advice, but for now I just want to let you know I am here, and I understand. The forums are here to support you and I am so glad you reached out. Stay strong, and stay safe. Sending love.


I totally feel you. It has been so hard to control my eating and the stress of everything I find myself binging on salty foods too. I am trying really hard to just take a breath after a setback and tell myself that this isn’t forever. I can start the next with small steps . We can do this!

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