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Hi. I am just checking in to see how you are doing, how you daughter is?

With love,

hello iwanttolive...

Thank you for checking in... Feeling like I have my old daughter back, hoping it lasts and she maintains... it's like a miracle, just wish she had professionals to take her through this process of recovery, but it isn't going to happen so I am trusting God and staying in tune to the process... How about you?


Hi. That is really good news. I am really happy for the both of you. Yes, let's pray that this is a good thing and it continues.

As for me, I am doing mostly okay. Still having some struggles with overeating but I am trying to not let it take me down. If you want you can take a peak at some of my posts under maintaining recovery to see the issues I am having with my sister and my roommate. It is too much to go into again. But I will with God's help continue to forge ahead. Thanks.

With Hope, because of Hope

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