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Post written in January

Hi. I wrote this in my prayer journal in January, the last time I was in my journal. I am changing that as I am having difficulties concentrating so I will be journaling again. So this is what I wrote in January that I think some of you might like.

Today is the first day of the rest of our lives. What if we started each day new-To see the frailties in the one who has hurt us or ignored us. Or fill in the blank...

I am learning that if I want to be accepted for being me, I need to offer that back to the other people in m
y life, especially those close to me. I must accept their limitations and weaknesses and not expect them to be perfect, or as perfect as I would like them to be...So I can be happy.

Just maybe I need to offer grace instead of anger.
Acceptance of what is fact ahead of time if entering into a difficult conversation or dealing with a difficult person.

So here is what I liked so much about the post only rewritten in part here:

These are for me to be practiced, to build up my recovery muscle. It is made stronger when used.
It is through trials and difficulties in life that I or we, build the recovery muscle and this is part of the workout. Learning. Growing. Changing...for now...

I went on a bit but then came to this in my post or journal entry: I am committed to recovery. I know I will get well and in doing so, serve others. I do this now, but watch out when I don't have the extra baggage I have now. I will probably always carry a purse of some kind, but not the baggage. The suitcase will have to go and I will exchange it for a purse, more manageable, more doable, more reasonable. Not expecting perfection nor an easy life, just different than it has been, so yes...iwanttolive

I hope some of you enjoyed this. I really like the analogy and can't believe I came up with it!!! Going back over what we may have written is the byproduct of journaling. I am also hoping to be able to pray more effectively and read my Bible and journal what I learn or hear from God. It has helped in the past so I hope it helps now.

Thank you for reading this. I wish you all a good night.


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