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Recovery from Laxatives


was wondering if anybody has any assistance i recovered from laxative eating disorder and have put on a good bit of weight. i am healhy now exercising , tracking calories but no matter what i do i dont seem to be loosing anything i would only like to loose a bit to get back to normal but i have been stuggling to loose anything over this last 6 -12 months


Great to Hear that You are Rcecovering from Laxatives

I hear the frustration in how the body reacts to people coming off of Laxatives. Are you on any meds that make it extra challenging for your body, and causes water retention?
Have you asked your Dr what they think is the solution to this side effect of laxative recovery?
I hear prune juice is a healthy way to move the bowels w/o any side effects except having bowel movements.
Lite exercise is always useful for me, daily. Also drink plenty of fluids, water is best. Call and schedule a med exam and see what other options are available for you. I saw a dietician in the past and the Dr. They also monitored my food plan.
Good Luck and I hope you are able to reach out to your peers for support as well as professionals here and in your local community.

Dear iFast2eat

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