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Just Quit Therapy

I was recently in a long-term over-control therapy for my ED, but I realize we NEVER talked about my ED. It made me feel more ashamed and secretive about the things I was thinking and feeling.

I tried to divert my conversations/ skills over to my ED when with my therapist, but she always wanted to make it about situations where I "could have communicated more clearly with other people" or other, waaaaay more general over-control situations. Long story short, I quit therapy a few weeks ago, and now I am living in a super triggering environment and only have my virtual dietician to support.

I feel like I'm emotionally draining to my boyfriend, but he's the only one I can talk to about this stuff. My family members know about my ED (they paid for my treatment last semester), but they no longer take it seriously. They skip meals all the time, restrict their own eating, etc and I'm just supposed to see that and continue eating my meal plan?!?! Makes no sense to me and makes me hurt and angry. I have tried talking to them about it, but they didn't get it and are still doing it.

My dietician says to keep eating the meal plan (duh), but its a lot harder than shes making it out to be, and I need more emotional support or tangible advice on how to deal with this.


Find a NEW THERAPIST and Keep Going

Dont give up the boat for you are a valuable person and deserve to choose a new therapist. Start over and search for 1 that deals with this from perhaps a different philosophy.

I know my former shrink was a good 1. Then i transferred to Kaiser coverage. The plan was great in being conservative.

I could only check in w/ new shrink abot every 2 months. He seemed to obscess more over the drug regime than get into any feelings or problems I was having.

Then I requested a new therapist just for talk therapy, he acted like he was too good for me.

He referred me out to some agency not even at Kaiser. I felt rejected and took it personally

I hope you find a therapist whom you may feel comfortable in opening up with. It should be part your session in you speaking and the therapist Listening....Otherwise you are back at school again, not in a therapy office.

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