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I ate my first meal today after restricting I am so scared I gained weight j shouldn’t be losing and I said to myself I would stop at a certain weight but now want more I should not have started this and no accountability is not good..I may be going back to work soon right now it is a maybe by your choice but there have to be enough teachers. I also am starting with a new therapist Wednesday but both my nutritionist and psychiatrist know her and like her I am just super terrified. Just having a hard time. So much going on...and acted on a behavior I haven’t in months...


I’m sorry that you are struggling. It’s great that you ate a meal today. Try to just take it one snack, one meal at a time. I know it’s hard. I am proud of you for trying so hard. I hope that things work out with your new therapist. I hope you have a good night.

Thanks for the support. It is

Thanks for the support. It is so hard and I don't want anything its like I let myself get to far with no accountability its really not good for me or so it is proving. I feel I can just keep getting the number lower and I know it never makes me happy but its like I can't stop..

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