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Disordered eating?


I am 35 years old and have struggled with my weight since i was a teen. I managed to stay between X for a couple of years. Not really healthy for my height but i started taking medication to treat abnormal cells. The medication has so far made me gain X lbs, possibly more as i feel heavier. I am getting bigger and started having pre-diabetes.

I dont know if i have an eating disorder. I do know that i sometimes eat until i am uncomfortably full, and need to take deep breaths. I get heart burn from the overeating. I dont even need to be hungry to want food. I dont admit this to many people, but food offers comfort to me. I'm not sure if i have the capacity to change, but i fear getting bigger and bigger. Its hard to get into my car at this point, my body physically hurts. I havent gotten to this size in years.

I have been in the cycle of eating healthy for awhile, i lose a bit of weight, and then i start eating more. I have tried eliminating junk food completely and eventually give in. I tried intuitive eating so these foods wouldnt trigger me anymore. I tried so many different diets, and it doesnt get rid of my desire to overeat. Its even harder now with the medication I am on.

I am not sure how to fix this. Even worse everything is closing down because of the virus. I am scared i am making my health issues worse the bigger i get. But i dont know how to stop myself. It sounds ridiculous but i dont know how to stop myself from buying junk food.

Dear tereb, we would like to

Dear tereb, we would like to inform you that we have edited your post to remove height and weight numbers as well as the medication name, as these are not allowed on the forums. You can review our community guidelines here. Thanks for your understanding and please continue to post! 

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