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Big fight

About 30 minutes ago I had a big fight with my sister. She said that when I was sent away because I have a eating disorder, she found a boyfriend. Then said that our parents said that I can't date anyone right now because I just came back from a eating disorder treatment center.

I started to cry, I hated myself and her, and I didn't binge eat. Went to my room, grabbed my headphones and put on music. I'm glad that I didn't binge eat. Just feel upset.


Hi there. I am sorry about the fight, but am very proud of you for not purging. That is really great and you need to give yourself credit for that. Is your sister younger of older than you? Do you think she said that to you to upset you or that she is excited about having a new boyfriend. I don't know all that went on so I am not sure if it was done in a mean way or not. It may be that it is just a sensitive subject. Again I don't know. But it is good that you used some skills. Good job.

Again I am sorry for the fight and hope you are able to calm down and rest tonight.


Good for you

I'm proud of you, also. It sounds like you learned to use other skills when stressed, instead of giving in to urges, like binging. Way to go!! I am sorry about the fight. Hopefully, when things are calmer, maybe you can talk to her about the issue and see what she was trying to say. Like iwanttolive said, is it possible that she might just be trying to upset you? It seems like, from some of your earlier posts, that she may have a tendency to bait you. This is coming from an outsider's perspective, of course, without all of the facts but it is something you might want to consider, and a real heart-to-heart may be necessary to learn why she does this. Regardless, again, way to go, for using appropriate coping mechanisms! :)


Thank you for your replys and what you are saying. Hugs

Harsh words

Hi X

I have a sister like that... Well in fact I have 3 and between them feel they share sometimes 0% understanding. It hurts us because we love them most and feel that they should, could, would try harder. Take confidence in the fact that while you were away they felt safe in your environmental influences to relax a little and now you've returned home they are anxious as to their ability to give the support you need. They need reassurance as much as you do as believe it or not they have the same limbic system as we do and I know they may sound resentful but it's possibly directed at themselves for feeling they can't provide you with the sanctuary you need to protect you as they'd like to. I hope this makes sense x much love and hope x c

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