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Started tracking food again. Told myself I was only curious and only going to do it for a few days. Told myself I wouldn't restrict no matter the number. Now I can't stop doing it and have been restricting again. :(

Me too

I did it for a whole day, by using an app, and started today with it, too. But it was making me crazy, and not in a good way, and taking up entirely too much time and energy. I deleted it and emailed my therapist to let her know about it. Does anyone else know that you are doing this? Even though I deleted my app, the mind frame is still there, so I understand from where you're coming. I have used laxatives two days in a row, because it feels like I ate way too much food, and I soooo do not want to eat tomorrow. I wish I had words of wisdom; I guess I just wanted to let you know you're not alone. Sorry.


No one knows. I'm too scared to tell anyone. If I can't stop, I might tell my therapist next week. But I have only had one session with her so I don't know if I could feel comfortable being that open yet. I know that's the point of therapy, but I am a naturally guarded and reserved person.
I'm sorry to hear you are struggling too. Times are crazy right now so I guess it's understandable we all are having a hard time.
Schools just got closed until May 4 where I am and being home all the time is so hard-- and I even have a fantastic relationship with my family. I can't imagine what it's like for those who don't :(
Anyway, good luck and virtual hugs. Thank you.

I'm stopping today

I'm stopping today. I'm so sick of this disorder taking so much energy and causing so much stress. I know I may track again, but it won't be today. I also wasn't going to eat breakfast but I was hungry, so I did. Take that stupid ED!


Lol I don't know if your know TMNT or vanilla ice but that's the reference of the heading. I JUST WANT TO SAY GET THE EFFF IN THERE AND KICK THE SHAPOOPEE OUT OF ED X I'm so with you xcx feel effing INSPIRED thanks to you right now. Thank you as I've seriously been having a non stop panic attack all day that's lifted by the hope you've shared. x I know we can all beat this X I KNOW IT!

Way to go!! :)

Way to go!! :)

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