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It's been a while since I purged, probably nearly a year. I am currently 7 months pregnant so I'm trying really hard not to purge, but I also feel like I'm constantly hungry and I know I've gained more weight than I should have. I really want to throw up, but I know I shouldn't

I'm so sorry.

What's stressing you out and making you want to purge? I can relate as I struggled with eating disorders for 29 years, starting at 8. As a distraction, tell me a little about yourself. Do you have any pets? What kinds of things do you enjoy?

The hard part is being

The hard part is being pregnant so I know I have to eat, and it makes me more hungry and I can also see the fat. I know that it needs to be there, but I hate it


Good job on going so long without purging. Sorry you are struggling. You can do this. I believe in you.

How is today going?

I've been thinking about you.

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