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Hi. I’m really glad I found this forum. I’d like to introduce myself and share a little of my story. I’ve always had some unhealthy tendencies around food but about a year ago things got really bad. I have been battling OCD for a while now and anorexia kind of took the wheel as I was making it through the OCD. I’ve been struggling more and more everyday and finding a loss of hope. My therapist has been bringing up hospitalization a lot and I’m really scared of how far this will all go for me. When I was diagnosed with OCD I found an app for support and eventually connect with a few members through Instagram. The people I met on that app and made an instagram group chat with helped me recover in ways I can’t even begin to describe... they quite honestly saved my life. I have been very lonely with the eating disorder and am so glad to have found this community. Having people to relate to and support was a huge positive for my OCD recovery and I’m hoping to find similar support for the ED.


Hi, just wanted welcome you to The Forum. I hope you are able to continue to share your story and get the support that you deserve here. I also hope that you are able to get whatever help that you need through your therapist and doctor. And whatever they feel that you need.

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