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iwanttolive and my sister who may have the virus

Hi. I am concerned about my sister. She had to be discharged earlier than she should have been because of the virus. Her doctors believed she was safer at home than at the hospital. However, she has a fever, sore throat and a terrible cough. Her immune system is terribly compromised, and I am concerned that she has the coronavirus. My Mother has gone into her room, and will be coming over on a regular basis to set up my sisters feedings.
My mother is 78. She should not be doing this. But she says she is "safe". There is nothing safe about her doing this, but there is no telling her otherwise.

I know I am not to worry. However, there is reason to have concern. I am quarantined due to exposure already and now I have to report to work, I am a home health aide, that I am still exposed to someone living with me. They are aware of my sisters condition, but not her symptoms currently.

Well, life goes on, even in quarantine. My roommate usually wind up working things out or she just isn't aware of the hurt she causes or how mean she can be. I only hope that she becomes more open to talking about when struggles occur. I must be patient though. And I will be. I just need to not take it personally.

Thank you for listening.


I emailed my Mom and Dad just now and called my sister who is a nurse in California. She is speaking harshly with both my parents about their interaction with my sister and my mother will not be going back into her room, nor will I unless my sister becomes unable to get her feedings and hang them. So I am so needing to cry right now but am okay. Scared and so chock full of emotion. On top of this I am still nauseous and feel so sick to my stomach. My back is in severe pain and overall I am just very emotional. I am okay though. As long as my mother does not go into my sisters room I will be okay. My sister may not survive this.

Oh, no!!

There are not enough words to say how to choked up I am about this. My heart goes out to you my dear one. I'm so sorry. Please take care and lean on the one that you love the most. I love you, and I am praying for you and your family. Please know that this is not the real world. There is a much better World ahead for all of us. Look forward to that world when there is no more sickness no more death. No More Tears no more pain. Only love only perfection. I love you. Take care.

Sorry to hear about your sister

I hope and pray that your sister will not have the virus I’m praying for you and your family

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