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I called my surgeon today at their office instead of trying to deal with insurance. He found a surgical center that’s not a hospital he can do it, it’s a full surgical suite, they just don’t do overnight stays. So he’s finding a nurse to spend the night at home with me for that day, so that I can have the surgery!!! I am so so thankful to have found someone willing to do whatever he can to make this work.
I want to thank everyone who supported me yesterday. I talked to my therapist this morning and that helped.
It’s still difficult to be in quarantine with my dad home all the time as he’s been very mean towards my mom lately and I don’t like being around that.
But today I am filled with hope. Able to decompress with all the strong emotions of the past few days.

That’s great news!

I’m so happy to hear that! I’m glad you will be able to have your surgery. What a nice doctor!


I want to cry right now. I am so, so happy for you. You persevered and God came through. You didn't give up, you didn't turn to drugs. You kept fighting and doing what you needed to do, now you are reaping the wonderful benefits. WOW!!!)))))))))

What can I say??? :)))

As far as being cooped up and dealing with your dad, I am at my house, dealing with my roommate. My sister is coming home early from the hospital today due to the virus spreading in the hospital and possibly getting the virus herself. I have been self quarantined for about five days or so, but starting yesterday it is a mandatory quarantine as my friend who works at the hospital had a possible exposure and is herself on a mandatory two week. Because I work in the health field, I am required to tell my agencies and then the mandatory. So, it has been difficult. It is only the beginning. My roommate is nice most of the time, but if I ever ask her something, for instance, This morning she was banging the post and pans and slamming the cupboard doors and I didn't get to sleep until 3am. She is usually quite noisy in the kitchen and my room is on the opposite side of the wall. I asked her if she would please try to be quieter when she was cooking in the morning, something she does frequently, and that the cupboard doors slam shut so if she could please not let them fall closed but gently close them. She turned into a lion. She gets this way. She asked me if I was asking her to change how she was doing things for You? Meaning me. I said I just want you to know it is loud and is waking me up. She went on to say how she gets up earlier than I do and IS cooking for my friend. So I left and went back to my room. Half an hour later I came out and was going to ask her if I could ask her a question

Good job, trying to be brave

I'm so happy you're going to get your surgery. I relate a lot to having to live in an abusive household. My dad was a pedophile towards me and an alcoholic who made my mom cry every night for 3 hours. I hope things improve soon.

part 2

and decided to say I would like to say something. I said you asked earlier if I was asking you to do something different because of me. I said right then that Yes, I am asking that. I said you may not be aware of the level of noise that you make when banging the post and the doors slamming closed, but I am letting you know so you are aware. She became a different person. Mean. Nasty. I said, you are not being very nice. Then she told me that I was not nice. I took that to be a general statement. She then said that I use the blender in the mornings to make my smoothie. Irrelevant as she is up at this time. I said yes, I make my smoothies. She said she doesn't slam the doors, I said, but please close them so they don't close loudly. She again was nasty and said I was imaging things when I told her she was laughing at me. She basically thinks I am crazy. Anytime I, which is rare, ask her to do something she doesn't like, she does this.
But, she can pick up my things, put them on my chair, tell me not to open the front door as it makes the furnace go on, she doesn't pay utilities, my Dad does. I walk around feeling like a prisoner in my own house. I am not the only one who sees this in her. My other sister, not the one I live with, and a former roommate, see it. She is a control freak.

I am nervous about my sister coming home. I am going to have to keep my mouth shut about most things because she will find ways to fight with me. As sick as she is. Which is sad. My sister in California is under a lot of stress. She had to move out of her house to protect her husband and girls, he has a weak immune system. She is a labor and delivery nurse. She will only communicate with me through my Mom. I don't even know what I did.

So, I am trying to stay strong. I have to stay away from my Mom's and Dad's because of the virus. The nurses at my job told me this, and my sister being exposed to who knows what at the hospital, it makes it even more so that I have to stay at my house. I have my dog though. And God. And I can do things like walk by the brook in my back yard which I just did. That was really nice.

I am so happy for you and so sorry I ranted on about me and my silly stuff. We are all going to have to support each other here as much as we can in the weeks ahead. I love you and am delighted that you are going to have the surgery. Now I have to start praying it is as painless as possible, less pain than you are having now.


How are things now, brave?

How are you doing right now? Are your parents ok?

I am thankful you get to get

I am thankful you get to get your surgery. I wish you the best I wish I had more to offer right now but I am happy you get to have your surgery take care!


There are not enough words to say how happy I am for you!! :))

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