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Struggle:Allowing yourself to eat/accepting weight gain

I'm struggling so hard with recovery right now. I'm diagnosed with bulimia and I just gained pretty much all of my weight I had lost back over the past months, but in my head I am not at all recovered. So as I'm at a almost normal body weight Im just so afraid to let myself eat enough. I'm afraid of feeling full and bloated cause I have experienced so many binges. Everytime I know that I cant purge after my meal I eat too less and end up being hungry all day. But if I eat a bit more I feel sick. And I'm so afraid to keep on gaining weight because I gained so much even tough I was purging. Please help me.

It sounds like Transitional Stress in Feeling OK w/ yourself?

Healing takes time. Body acceptance takes even more time.

Try accepting what you can 1 day @ a time. Take care of yourself in that you have an outlet for venting.

If you binge think of a safe alternative, and remember it's not horrible to have 1 cheat day during the week to eat whatever you dont allow yourself to eat normally during the week.

That worked for me. I exercise after eating a large meal by taking a simple 30-45 minute brisk walk in my neighborhood.

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