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Trouble with comparison

I reached my weight goal! Yay! I’m finally starting to embrace it, although when I first found out, my ED started to at up and complicate things... Anyways, in the past few days I’ve had a lot of trouble with comparing myself to other people. Not only looks but also to how much they are eating and how much I’m eating. Sometimes I feel like I’m eating the same amount as a stereotypical grown man and am still hungry while other people are only getting through the beginning of the meal and are full. I mean I know I’m still growing but I’m unsure (or I guess my ED’s unsure) if I’m eating too much. Not to mention, I occasionally look at those clothing magazines and not really (but at the same time really) compare myself to all the models with their abs and pretty faces. Ugh! Why does it even matter to me whether you have abs or not?! I don’t know, I mean comparing is one of the few things I haven’t fully let go of.


Unfortunately, in today's society that's understandable. Today's world put so much emphasis on looks and everybody's features and it's unfortunately become very natural for everybody to compare ourselves to people. A saying I had to try to Implement for myself was who I am is way more important than how I look for what I eat. I know it's not always easy to believe. Sometimes the more you say it the more you do believe it. I'm here for you and I feel for you. Hang in there and keep trying.

I think that everyone has

I think that everyone has those thoughts about the models. But those people are photoshopped and show unrealistic body images. And I understand feeling like your eating more. I eat more than my family, yet they think I never eat. Try not to look at others plates and give your body what it needs. I found it like this, I would go to a restaurant and clean my plate while my family would stop half-way. But when we got home they would snack and I would not, in a way it's all balanced.

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