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Older adult anorexia relapse

My friend who is in her 60’s has been restricting eating for years. I met her in a yoga class about eight years ago and did not observe/connect until spring 2019 when I learned she was in hospital. (when I became her health care proxy). Divorced and long-estranged from only family, a brother who lives thousands of miles away, has been isolating for years (apart from this particular yoga class which no longer exists). She does not admit to an eating disorder while in last 6 months her weight has dropped significantly. Won’t consent to in-patient (or out-patient) program. What is available in this upstate NY area is not great anyway. She has some cognitive issues and may be slipping towards dementia.
Her primary doctor of many years and the eating disorders physician at local hospital don’t seem to have a plan, but just encourage her to gain weight. (I know because my friend no longer drives and I bring her to doctor visits). I contacted a psychotherapist who said therapy would not work with her brain so malnourished.

Looking for suggestions. Are there any resources about how an untrained person might try some of the counseling styles (CBT, DBT, etc) that are often mentioned in treating eating disorders?