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So last summer I went through a period where I suffered a lot of trauma and an inordinent amount of stress and anxiety which has caused me to have chronic tension headaches, acid reflux, and feeling of tightness in my throat. The feeling of tightness has gotten so bad to the point where it is very uncomfortable to eat anything solid. I have not eaten anything solid since last month. My last full meal was Halloween 2019. I have lost a lot of weight since August 2019 to now. Doctors have done a CT Scan, bloodwork, an upper endoscopy, and a Barrium Swallow Test and found nothing. Still do not know what is the matter, but we think it might be my body stuck in tense mode after being stressed out everyday for months. I have been drinking high protein to keep some nutrients in my body but I wonder if there are nutrition plans online that can educate me on how the body changes after long periods of starvation and what steps I can take to reaccustom my body gradually to solid food without making myself sick.

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Oh brother, I can only imagine how difficult this must be, and the state of mind it must put you in too ! Because yeah, it does sound like stress to me, and while I'm not you, it sounds like you are probably still stressed out now ? Would you say ?

I suspect that there are diets that help people gain weight back in ways which are not dangerous to them. Because yeah; sometimes a person can get into medical trouble if somehow they just start chowing down after they've been starving themselves. "Re-feeding syndrome" that's called.

But it sounds like you'll need to reach a point where you actually can eat solid food to begin with ? Which could be difficult if your throat is still constricted ?

Medical doctors tend to look at things from a medical standpoint, but if they are saying it's not medical, and you mentioned that trauma and anxiety seem to be what brought it on in the first place….are they talking to you about psychological stuff , and how that may be a player in this ?

OK, I know this may sound like the good old "It's all Psychological" thing, but really, there's a chance that it might be. "Golly, you just need to loosen up". That may sound like a big cliche too.

Even so, these might be the next areas that are worth looking into ?

Sorry if this reply doesn't help any more than the non-answer from the NEDA person did, and perhaps you've already given though to these things. But if things were indeed traumatic, that sort of stuff, and the effects of it, don't always just go away by themselves, so talking to a professional who's versed in trauma might be the best next step to take ?